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The Best Headphone Deals on Black Friday – Full List of Discounts and Coupons

Headphones are a good gift for anyone, no matter how old they are, or what they are like. Almost everyone likes and listening to music, which makes them the perfect gift. Heck, you can even give them to that one co-worker that you don’t know what to get.

Which is why we’ve got you covered on the best deals for headphones this 2015 Black Friday. Check them out below and pick the one that appeals to you most!


Amazon has some deals this Black Friday on headphones, and if you have prime you can get them in a couple of days with free shipping!

If you still want the best, but wireless, this next pair is for you! They have been claimed to be the absolute best pair of Bluetooth earbuds, and this new model has just been released. They retail for $180, but you can get them for $130 and prime shipping. Battery life always seems to be a problem with Bluetooth headphones, but these ones last 8 hours of continuous use, so if you listen one hours a day, these should last about a week. And colors, they come in many cool colors for you to choose, from midnight black to Fire Red. And they also come with LifetimeĀ sweat warranty, if you ever work-out a bit too hard, these have you covered. Audio quality is also top-notch with these. In short these are the best Bluetooth headphones.

Click here to view the headphonesMteuJ91

The AKH Q 701 Quincy Jones Signature Reference-Class Premium Headphones are greatĀ open-back headphones with solid reviews and fantastic specs. They have something that they are calling flat-wire technology, which means that it has a stronger, more uniform magnetic field in the voice coil. They are also comfortable, really comfortable, they have been designed in collaboration with the award wining Austrian design firm “Kiska”, which developed specifically shaped 3-D-form ear pads, with padded, leather headband. You wont mind having these on for those long listening or work sessions

Click here to view the headphonesoMPKVG6


If you want something cheaper, less than $20 cheap, then take a close look at this next deal. The Sound Intone E6 Sport Headphones ussualy go for $40, but you can get them on sale for $18 and even have prime shipping. You might as well get these as a back-up pair.

They look great, have an in-line microphone, and are noise-canceling. You can choose from a different range of colors, whichever suits your taste. They are built for running, but they are great with anything else too, and they come with a carrying case. What else do you want from a $18 pair of headphones, this is the real deal right here!!

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These next pair of running headphones go on sale quite often, but if you haven’t already picked up a pair, you might as well do it. They are wireless and connect to your phone through Bluetooth, the reviewers say that connection length is great, so you shouldn’t have a problem with that. And the reviews? They aren’t bad, not great, but good. You can pick them up for $20 and maybe this will motivate you to go on that run you’ve always been postponing.

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50x are considered to be the absolute best headphones for consumers right now. If you go online and do a search for “best headphones”, the Audio-Technicas are gonna be at the top. They are very loved by the music industry.

So, why not save some money on them?! You might as well get yourself a pair as well, since you won’t find a better deal than this for a long time.

They have big proprietary 45mm drivers with rare earth magnets that helps them get that rich and full sound we are all looking for. They ear cups also swivel 90 degrees for easy storing and caring. And it even includes 3 detachable cable, for whatever occasion you need.

They normally go for $169, but you get save $50 and get them for $119 and also get a free $25 Adorama(Online electronics store) gift card. You’re basically saving $75.


If you aren’t ready to drop $120 on headphones, you can go with ATH-M50x’s little brother, the ATH-M40x. The go for $100, but this Black Friday you can get them on sale for only $65. Which isn’t bad considering you are getting a fantastic pair of headphones, from one of the most recognizable brand in the audio industry.

They come with a carrying pouch and 2 interchangeable cables, although they don’t have big and powerful drivers like the M50x’s, they still do a decent job at delivery a good sound.


This year’s Black Friday has brought us some fantastic deals on headphones, you wouldn’t want to miss out on them. Whoever you buy them for, be sure to make the right choice. And don’t pay too much for them when you can get them at a cheaper price!

Make the smart choice and listen to great music through great headphones!




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