The Walking Dead’s Biggest Question Will Be Answered Soon

The character that The Walking Dead fans have been tuning in for was left out of the opening credits, making some believe that he is really gone from the show. But no one really knows and there are lots of theories going around the Internet on what could have happened to Glenn.

The wait has been long, two episodes to be exact. Fans have not liked the idea of having to wait all this time and have taken social media to comment on Glenn’s absence.

Stars on the show know what happened and one of them recently said that audiences won’t have to wait much longer to know the answer to the biggest question of season six.

Ross Marquand or Aaron in the series, said recently that the showrunners and writers are not planning to keep viewers in suspense for the rest of the season. He added that the answer is right around the corner.

It’s Been a Long Wait

It’s been two episodes since Glenn, the character played by Steven Yeun, last appeared in the series. The last Glenntime audiences saw him, he was surrounded by zombies. Glenn, who has appeared in the series since the start, is one of the most popular characters and the scene left many stunned as they did not see it coming. Many say he is not done and that somehow he escaped the hundreds of zombies surrounding him but no one really knows. Glenn’s real name was removed from the opening credits on the following episode, maybe to make us think that he is gone and then surprise us with his return, which would no longer be surprising because this has been a rumor since the removal was mentioned.

The show has a few other characters out in danger but unlike Glenn, audiences know they’re alive and guiding hundreds of zombies out of the area.


Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie (Glenn’s wife), recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter and said that her character’s relationship with Glenn has always righted itself out in the end, and she has to believe that it will this time around too.

The two actors did not give out an answer on the biggest question of the season but Lauren was asked about the reports that Yeun was seen hanging around the set, she replied that they were shooting flashbacks, something others involved in the series have confirmed in the past.

Fans will have to wait six more days to find out about Glenn, if this episode actually focuses on what happened to him.

What do you think? Is Glenn still alive? Do you think we’ll find out next episode? Let us know in the comments.