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Best Deals for Jeans on Black Friday – All Stores and Coupons

While most people are thinking about electronics such as laptops and televisions on Black Friday, you might be interested in knowing that there are several other types of deals and discounts to be had as well. One of the biggest discounted items that you might not realize or think about is jeans, and jeans are one of those items that you likely need quite a few pairs of, but somehow always seem to not think about it.

For Black Friday in 2015, there are many different stores that are offering really nice deals and savings on jeans. The jean sales and special offers run for both women’s jeans and men’s jeans, and there are also extra savings on the junior size and children’s jeans as well. This means that you can literally get jeans for the entire family during 2015 Black Friday because the deals are so great, with some deals as much as 60% to 70% off the retail price.

Even though there are a lot of deals and discounts on jeans for Black Friday 2015, we thought we should tell you some of the best deals, including which stores are offering the deals. You will quickly realize that there are just so many deals out there that you will be sure to find any brand or size you are looking for because almost all of the name brand jeans will be on sale at various points in time in the coming days.



  • You can get Levi’s 514 Straight, 505 Regular, and 550 Relaxed Fit jeans for boys all for $19.99 and this offer is both online and in-store. The prices are going to be valid from November 26 until November 30 and you get cash back for every $50 you spend until the 29th which makes this deal even better.
  • Mudd Juniors 5-pocket Jeans and SO are $9.99 which is a huge deal but this is only in-store on Friday until 1 pm. You also will get $15 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend until the 29th and this offer is only in the store so you cannot buy this online.



  • Men’s Wrangler Jeans both Regular and Relaxed fit are $10 which is a 50% off plus savings off the regular price, and all sizes are available. In terms of men’s jeans, this is likely one of the best deals out there since often times men’s jeans are more expensive.


  • Levi’s Misses Jeans are $32.99 to $39.99 which is a pretty good savings of at least 15% off the retail price and this is both online and in-store through Saturday.
  • Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, CK Jeans, Calvin Klein and many more brand name jeans are 50% off regular price. The only issue is that women’s jeans prices will be a little higher, and this deal runs from 6pm on Thursday until 1 pm on Friday. Even more savings begins at 7 am Friday until 1pm on Saturday. This offer is both in-store and online as well for your shopping convenience.


  • All Juniors and Juniors Plus Jeans will be marked down to 50% off which is a huge deal and it includes all of the big name brands in Junior apparel.


Although we just told you some of the hottest deals for 2015 Black Friday when it comes to jeans, there are several other brands at each of these stores that will be on sale, and both men’s and women’s jeans are on sale as well. You will also find that many other stores are running sales and special discounts on jeans, but as of right now it looks like Macy’s is one of the best places to go if you are looking for jean sales for the entire family. If you live near a Shopko though, it is definitely worth checking them out as well as they have some really good deals too.

There might be even more hot jeans deals for Black Friday coming up here soon, so check back on our website and we might have even more savings and special jeans deals to tell you about.

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