Xiaomi Is Doing Great In India

Xiaomi has been trying to expand these last few months and one of its first moves was to visit India and its growing market. The decision is now paying off as the company has been able to attract customers.

The Chinese smartphone maker revealed that it sold a million phones in India in just three months, from July to September this year. The sales are impressive for the company because they sold three million phones in their first year at India, Xiaomi is now on pace to sell 4 million every year. The number will likely keep growing as the company offers more and more devices.

Xiaomi’s goal is to sell between 80 and 100 million smartphones this year and is planning to release a new laptop at an affordable price next year. The company has not had it easy at home, where competitors have taken notes and have designed their own quality phones. Many of them are finding success selling their devices online. With the competition only getting stronger and stronger, Xiaomi is looking at India and other markets to keep growing.

Xiaomi found success in China by selling quality devices at great prices. The company will now have the tough task to deliver its smartphones to other markets and catch the attention of customers.

Xiaomi Mi 4iThe privately owned Chinese electronics company headquartered in Beijing, introduced its first model, the Mi 4i, outside China, at an event in April. India’s capital, New Delhi, was the first to see the smartphone since the event was held there. Xiaomi announced in August that it would begin assembling the Redmi Note 2 Prime in the country. The device comes with a 5.5 inch display, 2GB of RAM, 13MP camera and a 3060 mAh removable battery.

Xiaomi’s success in India’s market shows that its devices are a hot seller there. The company said that since January, sales in the country have increased 45 percent each quarter. Xiaomi is also offering great deals on its devices on the Internet, having huge success when they are available.

Other Products Coming To India

But not everything is easy for the Chinese smartphone maker in India. Xiaomi’s sales last year were not even close to the market leader, who sells three million phones a month. The leader is having success as most of its devices are sold in stores around the country. No one knows how much the country can help Xiaomi because the market is still growing.

Xiaomi plans to extend the number of devices it offers in the country soon. At home, the company sells all kinds of products, including blood pressure monitors, air purifiers and routers. The company is thinking about offering its Internet routers next.

Hugo Barra, Vice President of Xiaomi, confirmed that the company is looking to bring its routers but also added that its newest devices won’t be arriving there anytime soon. He finished by saying that they have to be thoughtful and plan carefully when it comes to bringing a new product.