Xiaomi Mi 5 Could Be Announced December 3, Mi 4 Gets Price Cut

The Xiaomi Mi 5 has been a rumored device and many have waited months to see what it really looks like. According to several tech sites, the wait could be over soon as the device is set to be announced next month with a ton of new features.

The company has been delaying the release of its next flagship phone and not much has been said about it. Some say the release date has been pushed back because the company is waiting for the new Snapdragon 820 chip to be finished. The company behind the chip is said to be revealing its new Snapdragon processor on November 20, so two weeks from now. This would speed up the release of the Mi 5.

If everything is true, the Mi 5 could announced on December 3.

The device is expected to come with a 5.2 inch QHD (1440 x 2560) screen, 3030mAh battery, 16MP camera, 8MP front camera, 4GB RAM, USB Type C and fingerprint scanner, which is now featured in the latest smartphones. The Mi 5 Xiaomi Logowill go up against the Nexus 6P, Moto X and many other devices that come with great specs. Xiaomi will try to catch the attention of customers once again by offering its device at a way lower price than its competitors, a move that has worked for them since the start.

Just a few days ago, quarterly results were announced and many put one of its competitors ahead by a small margin in China. Experts had different opinions about the numbers but the release of the Mi 5 could make Xiaomi the leader again, if they really lost the top spot. The company recently announced it would offer laptops at affordable prices and mentioned that its move to India has gone well so far.

Xiaomi Mi 4 Price Cut

The Mi 5 could be out soon and it is not surprising to see that the previous version is now getting a price cut. The Xiaomi Mi 4 was launched back in August of last year and the company has tried to keep the customers happy by delivering the Xiaomi Mi 4i and the Mi 4c. The device will soon have a big brother with much better specs so the company has decided to cut 17 percent off its price.

The Xiaomi Mi 4, which debuted with a $240 price, is now available for $200. The device comes with a 5 inch display, 1080 x 1920 resolution, 3GB of RAM and 13MP camera. The phone can be purchased through the company’s official website.