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What do you get your Mother-in-law for Christmas? Top 5 Gift Ideas Here

Hopefully you are reading this article because you have an amazing relationship with your mother-in-law and are doing everything in your power to get her a gift that she will not soon forget; not because you hardly ever speak due to the fact that she drives you crazy. Either way, this article should at least get the ball rolling, if not lead you to the perfect Christmas gift.

1. Manicure and/or Pedicure

Mani-pedis are a nice way to help mommy dearest de-stress and take some time to treat herself. They are less expensive than a massage and still have the same relaxing effect. The best way to go about this gift is to purchase a gift certificate in the amount of a mani-pedi at a salon close to her residence. If you and good ol’ mum are pals, earn some brownie points by buying yourself one as well and then offer to go with her.

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2. Kindle Fire (Only $50!)

The Kindle Fire is one of the biggest hot ticket items this holiday season, due to its entertainment quality and affordability. This is the perfect gift for any mother-in-law as it provides the ability for her to read books, watch all of her favorite movies and TV shows, and utilize over 300,000 different apps (Including ALL the popular ones: FB, Spotify, Instagram, etc.). Through this tablet she will also have access to Amazon Underground, the app store that provides hundreds of apps absolutely for free. The Kindle Fire is sure to be a home run gift this holiday season. If you decide to go for the grand slam, throw in a case to keep her new tablet safe and fashionable. You can get the kindle fire for the $50 promotional price by clicking here

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3. Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Help your mother-in-law out by purchasing this very affordable, high quality bottle opener from Amazon. No longer will she have to struggle with the manual bottle openers and for that she will thank you. A great addition to this gift is a wine clutch, which is also offered through Amazon. The wine clutch is great as it keeps your wine chilled when attending dinner parties, holiday events and other get togethers. Match either or both of these gifts with a bottle of her favorite wine and you are sure to have a hit! Best of all you can get them here for only $20.

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This one is a little trickier because you have to know her shoe size, however, it is the perfect gift for the mom that takes pride in giving back to the community. For every pair of Toms shoes sold, the company also donates a pair to a child in need. This way your mom-in-law gets to sport a new pair of kicks, while also feeling good about the message behind them. Not to mention a gold star for one that bought them for her. Check out all the styles of Toms available here.

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5. Old School Sweets & Treats

This might sound a little out there and if your mother-in-law is a health nut than this isn’t the option for you, but if she isn’t a health nut than she most likely will think this is totally awesome. The best way to go about this is by finding a good ol’ candy shop and picking out all the old school treats she loved in the early years. Another way is looking online under old-fashioned, vintage or retro candy, the perk of doing it this way is that you are able to get a variety of candy all delivered directly to your house. She will be sure to love this gift and hey, she might even share with you!

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