Fallout 4 Player Completes The Game In An Interesting Way

Fallout 4 features an improved combat system and a ton of enemies that the player will have to take down in order to advance or survive in the world. The game is designed for you to kill anything that stands in your way. But one gamer has just completed the story without killing, he starts with zero kills and finishes with zero. Impressive right?

Kotaku interviewed Kyle Hinckley, who has completed the game in an interesting way. He finished the story without killing a single human or monster. This was done without mods but it took him a while as he had to reload the game in certain areas.

This is very interesting since it sounds almost impossible to advance through the story without taking down an enemy. Hinckley’s goal was to get zero kills in the game and he did just that. But during his run, he did get enemies to kill each other. Hinckley simply watched the action and advanced through the story.

He had to reload the game a number of times throughout the story as the perk he was using would stop working at times. The perks in the game are unlocked with experience points, so that was an obstacle for him as he was avoiding combat. Avoiding enemies meant no experience points, so he gained XP by going into settlements and building the same structures again and again. This took time as it gave him little points, but that was not going to stop him from completing the game. He had actually attempted a no kill run before this but he started it again after realizing he had done something wrong.

At the end, his style of play seemed to have affected the audio and the characters, who stopped talking. His only option was to reload the game when this happened.

Hinckley’s run is impressive, but he is disappointed that the game does not offer an option for this. He mentioned that previous Fallout games had options to help you with this.

Fallout 4 has been out for a few weeks now and we have seen players build great homes and explore underwater. Just days ago, a gamer completed the story in an hour, using various glitches and ways to advance through an area in minutes. But this is the first time we see the game completed with zero kills, the run is on YouTube and the full interview is on Kotaku.