“Fallout Shelter” Update Adds Pets

Bethesda recently updated “Fallout Shelter” which is the hot mobile game by Bethesda for iOS and Android devices. During this update, the ability to own pets has finally come tot he game. The best thing about pets being added to “Fallout Shelter” is that these pets once equipped can help you just as a weapon would. If you are really into going into the Wasteland to explore, then you will find the new update with the pet addition to help you out more than other items could in the game.

“Fallout Shelter” Pet Benefits

If you have played “Fallout Shelter” then you know that your Vault thrives on the ability of your Dwellers to effectively explore the Wasteland. You also have to defend the people who are in your Vaults in order to keep your Vault thriving successfully. The pets need one room for each three-cell room and give you many benefits when it comes to Dwellers who are scouring the Wasteland. If the pets are traveling with your Dwellers in the Wasteland they can give you two times the HP, as well as a decreased return speed and also increased item drops.


Not all pets are the same however, as some pets do have better statistics than the others. This includes the Rottweiler Maizie Rai and Zula the Abyssianian cat, both of which are better at helping you survive a Raider attack or a Deathclaw attack. If you use a Golden Retriever then your Dweller will notice an increase in the Wasteland items rate while out exploring the Wasteland. The best thing about all of this is that you can choose which pet you want to have with you, so no matter if you are a dog lover or cat lover, there is an animal out there surely good enough to be your companion in “Fallout Shelter.”

If you are wondering what types of dogs you can get in “Fallout Shelter” then we can tell you about that too. You can get Poodles, Rottweilers, German Pointers, Cattle Dogs, Black Labradors, Boxers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Huskies, and Golden Retrievers.

If cats are more your thing, you can also find plenty of them in “Fallout Shelter” with the new update. You can get the Maine Coon, Persian, Siamese, American Shorthair, Bombay, Ocicat, Sphynx, Scottish Fold, and British Shorthair. When it comes to the Wasteland the Siamese and Ocicat are really the best because the Siamese helps heal you from the radiatioin. The Ocicat can help you when it comes to generating items in the Wasteland. The thing is that you will have to check out these cats since they all will help your Dwellers in different ways, so you might have to just check out the statistics to see what animal would be more beneficial for your Dweller.

The “Fallout Shelter” update will allow you to find an animal that fits your needs, and since they all have different statistics, they will all help you out in a different way. You also do not have to pay for your pet as you will be given a pet for free, and think of it as assigning your Dweller a pet as you would a weapon. While pets are cute and very sweet, these pets can attach to each of your Dwellers to make “Fallout Shelter” more enjoyable as well as more entertaining. Not only do the pets make for a great way to pick up other possible Dweller companions, but it will also help improve statistics and keep you more motivated to move through the Wasteland.

When it comes to “Fallout Shelter” Bethesda has really done a lot in the past six months, such as Dweller management improvements. You can also now use the See All function that helps you when you are clearing out that inventory collection, and you now have new and better objectives in the game. Whether you are playing “Fallout Shelter” through your iOS device or through your Android device, you are sure to find this game to be a fun and interactive game full of new adventures and timely updates.