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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Guide For Starters

FIFA 16 was released two months ago and the game brought back a lot of the same, including Ultimate Team. The mode is one of the most popular in FIFA and one that is very difficult at the start. If you are patient and get a few wins, you have a nice chance of creating a decent team in just a few hours.

The mode starts off by giving you one or two decent players and a number of bronze cards. The players with the higher stats will obviously be your starters since you don’t have anything else. The bronze players you receive have low stats, but they can be helpful as some of them stand out in pace or defending. In your first team, you also receive a manager, contracts and a few other cards. These cards are very important as you will need them when a player runs out of contracts or gets injured during a match.

Getting Started

After your team is created, you have a number of options. You can name it, change uniforms, stadiums or even invite your friends for a friendly match. After doing all of this, you can start working on your team. The game once again offers you a number of options, including single player seasons, online seasons and a few tournaments. Single player seasons offers an easy way to get coins, the mode will put your team against a few other clubs. It is similar to playing Career Mode, but without the transfers and all the other features. Some of your opponents will play on Professional or World Class difficulty, so keep that in mind. You can see the difficulty next to the name of the team. You will receive coins after every match and if you do well, you will receive more at the end.

FIFA 16They also have the tournaments, you can play them single player or online. The single player is easier and the online is a little more difficult since your opponents are also trying to win coins to improve their team. This mode is also an entertaining and quick way to earn coins. Some of the tournaments offer a free pack if you win, so play with your best lineup.

Ultimate Team also offers seasons like single player but online. In this mode, you will face the toughest opponents. You will be placed in the last division and there are a total of ten to play through. The teams you face in the last division will be just like yours, some will even have better players. The mode gives you a number of games to avoid relegation, advance to the other division, and win the title. You will receive a number of coins for the three things mentioned above. For example, a team that wins most of its games and gets to the number of points required to win the title of the division receives 2,000 coins. The number of coins will increase as you advance to other divisions.

The Team of The Week challenge is also a quick way to earn coins, all you have to do is play against the best players of the week with your team. The challenge offers more coins to those who play at the highest difficulty.

Coins and Packs

I will now talk about the coins that I have mentioned so much since the start of the guide. The coins are very important for your team as they can buy contracts, players and a few other cards. You will need a lot to open the best packs in the game, but the coins can be earned in all the modes I mentioned earlier. The regular gold pack costs 5,000 coins and will give you at least three or four decent players. There is also a pack for 7,500 coins, which gives you more players and a higher chance of finding a rare card.

If saving coins to buy a pack takes too long for you, the game also has a transfer market. In there you can buy cards with your coins. There are plenty of gold cards available and you should have no problems finding one for the coins you have. Decent gold cards are available for less than 1,000. If you need coins, you can also sell your own cards. The game will tell you when the card has been sold and how much it went for. Buying and selling cards is pretty easy and a good way to improve your club. If you want to get better players right away, the game also gives you the option to buy FIFA coins for real money. The coins can then be used to buy packs.

Be Patient

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is all about creating the best team with what you have. If you’re getting started, be patient, you will be able to buy a gold pack after playing a season or tournament. Chances are your first gold packs will just give you a few decent players, but who knows, maybe you get lucky and receive a player that sells for a lot. There are legends and stars that go for more than 100,000 coins, which is enough to get you more packs and players.

This year’s Ultimate Team is similar to the ones seen in previous FIFA games, with only a few changes and improvements, but the mode is as popular as ever, with thousands of players creating their teams and competing to earn coins.

FIFA 16 has been in out stores for more than two months now and many have already created great teams. Who is the best player in your team? What is your best pack so far? Who would you like to have on your team? Let us know in the comments.

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