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Four Paleo Diet Benefits

There are a lot of diets out there that you might try in order to lose weight, gain muscle, and overall feel mentally and physically better about yourself. One of the biggest trends in dieting involves going on the Paleo diet, which if you did not know is a diet based on eating like our ancestors did many years ago. Someone who is on the Paleo diet will focus on eating vegetables, fruit, fish, and meat, and products like grain and dairy are excluded from this diet. As with most diets, eating processed food is also a big no-no for the Paleo diet, since processed foods contain harmful ingredients and artificial preservatives.

Since the Paleo diet is focused mostly on meat, fish, and vegetables, you might be wondering what all of the benefits are from eating this type of diet. You can imagine that eating like cavemen might have some drawbacks since we have evolved as a species since way back when, but the reason Paleo is so popular is that there are indeed many benefits to eating a predominately meat-based diet. Here we are going to tell you just what some of the biggest benefits are to the Paleo diet so you can decide if this is a diet that you would like to try out to enhance your well-being.

Benefits of the Paleo Diet

Brain Health and Development– When it comes to diets, the Paleo diet is really good for your brain and can promote brain development and function. Since on the Paleo diet, you eat a lot of fish, you are getting a lot of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and these contain DHA. DHA is mportant for various body parts, including your eyes and heart. The DHA is also important when it comes to helping your brain function and development no matter what your age. Fish is one of the best ways to get the protein and fat required for the Paleo diet, specifically polyunsaturated fatty acids.


Less Fat But More Muscle- Since the Paleo diet requires a lot of meat and fish, these products all contain high levels of healthy proteins. When you eat proteins you are going to end up losing weight but gaining muscle since protein is used to build up various cells like those involved in muscle mass. If you have more muscle mass then you will be burning more fat since your metabolism rate will be higher. Muscles require high levels of energy to move and the more muscle and bigger muscles you have then obviously your energy levels increase as you need more to keep them going. If you have muscles your body will begin sending out energy to these muscles instead of the fall cells, therefore your fat cells shrink and your muscle cells bulk up.

Increases and Balances Glucose- If you are a diabetic then you really might consider the Paleo diet because the Paleo diet helps balance out your blood glucose levels. Although you want to check with your doctor first if you are diabetic, but even if you are a borderline diabetic this diet works since it stops a lot of blood sugar spikes. The reason blood sugar spikes are less common on this diet is because you do not use or eat refined sugar on the Paleo diet, therefore avoiding most sugary foods and drinks that promote diabetes and blood sugar spikes. The higher metabolism you get on this diet is also good for diabetes or prediabetes since you will be losing weight and living healthier overall.

Feel Fuller For Longer- When you talk about diets, you probably think you have to starve and go hungry, but on the Paleo diet you actually feel fuller for a longer time. This is because you are getting healthy fats, which allow you to feel fuller and you are not eating gluten or sugar which all end up making you feel hungry just a few hours later. Since you are eating healthier foods, including proteins and not processed foods, you will not want to snack or eat late at night or in between meals. The fruits and vegetables also have fiber and antioxidants in them to keep you feeling satisfied and nourished.

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  1. The paleo diet is a low carb diet by design. Simply removing processed foods will drastically reduce your carb intake to fuel weight loss.

    By limiting carbs to around workout times you will avoid unwanted fat gain which is often caused by these excess carbs! learn more about healthy diet method in my website 😀


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