Sports Game of The Year: FIFA 16? Rocket League? Madden 16? PES 2016?

There are plenty of sports games out there but FIFA 16 is currently in the top five in copies sold in many of the countries around the world. The sports title is popular for its number of game modes, including Ultimate Team, which will have you playing matches for hours as you try to earn more and more coins to open packs. The game is super fun, but is it game of the year?

FIFA 16 biggest competition seems to be Madden 16, which is also a hot seller. The game is made by the same company and the two usually bring just a few changes every year. This year’s Madden looks better than ever and is a fan favorite, not like there is much competition for the title but it remains the best option for those who like football.


FIFA 16 brings back some of the things we saw last year but the way the games are played is different now. It is all about having possession of the ball and making good passes. In last year’s edition, it was about running past your defender, but not here, it is difficult to get past defenders as they easily catch up to your players, even the fastest ones.


The game also brings back Career Mode, Ultimate Team and online seasons. Career Mode has a number of improvements as gamers can now put players on loan for two seasons, join preseason tournaments and train players with fun mini games. Ultimate Team is back once again, this one pretty much stayed the same, but it never gets old as there are always new packs and cards to find. The title also includes women’s international teams for the first time. The game does have some competition with PES 2016, which received great reviews and is said to be the best game in the series since the PS2 era.

Like in past years, PES 2016 did not include some of the real names of teams since it does not have the rights. But the title brings a number of improvements that are good enough to compete with FIFA 16.

Rocket League

Rocket LeagueWe also have Rocket League, the vehicle soccer video game which has caught the attention of gamers around the world. In this one, players control a rocket powered car and use it to hit a ball that is a lot bigger than the cars. The goal is to take the ball and score in the opponent’s area, the game has been a success and many think this one is up there with FIFA 16 as the best sports games of the year. For December, the game received an update that turned the matches into hockey, so go check that out if you haven’t been on the game recently. It was announced a few days ago that Rocket League had close to nine million players on the game.

What is your favorite sports game? In your opinion, which one is the best this year? Let us know in the comments.



  1. Terrible how you can even write about how Fifa 16 was a potential sports game of the yr.,when PES is a way better football game,licenses or no licenses! And how Rocket League took best sports game of the yr. is beyond me???!!!

  2. Indeed, all gamereview sites pointed pes 2016 the best footie, in case of the PS4 the best reviewed footie ever according to metacritics