Is Star Wars Battlefront Worth it?

Star Wars Battlefront was released last month and the title has received mixed reviews. The game is being played by thousands though and the release of the movie could soon increase the number of players. The title focuses on multiplayer but many think it’s lacking content. Some believe the game is not worth the $60 and others are buying it because it is part of a great franchise. If you’re not sure about the title, read the rest of this article.

DLC and Updates

The game was released a few weeks ago, so players will have to wait a little to get the DLC and updates. To some, this is needed as they say the title lacks content and doesn’t have a lot of game modes.

Star Wars BattlefrontIf you’re planning on buying the game, look around because it is available for way less on a number of retailers. The regular price is $60 but retailers are offering all kinds of deals, including one that comes with a free toy. In some retailers, the PC version of the game is available for $40.

For those thinking about buying it, there is a $50 Season Pass available, but you should only focus on the game right now. The first DLC will be released early next year but some details have not been revealed. The DLC will deliver new maps, game modes and characters, but is it worth the $50? That’s why you should wait. If you do get the Season Pass, you will receive all the content that’s released in the future.


Star Wars Battlefront has received mixed reviews, but that hasn’t stopped the title from selling. The game finished in the top five in many countries and sales will be helped by the film, which is currently in theaters. It was revealed a few hours ago that the game had not taken first place from Call of Duty this month, but it did land in the top three, so there are plenty of people online.

Star Wars Battlefront has only been out for a month, so the game could get better with time. The DLC and future updates will obviously be important for the title as many already want to see new content. If you are buying it, look for the best deal.

Star Wars Battlefront is available now for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

If you decide to buy battlefront you can get it right now on Amazon for a discounted rate by following this link.

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