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Morocco: Taxi Drivers Protest Against Uber

Uber is quickly expanding but the more it does, the more protests it faces around the world. Protests are now taking place in Casablanca, where hundreds of taxi drivers stood outside of the Moroccan Labor Union headquarters to protest against the popular ride sharing service.

Uber debuted in Casablanca last July, but was not welcomed by taxi drivers in the area. Taxi drivers arrived at the Moroccan Labor Union with signs on their vehicles that asked Uber to leave. They also asked the government for regulations.

More than 500 drivers gathered outside of the Moroccan Labor Union headquarters to protest against the company. Like in many other countries, they say the service is taking their jobs and that it is unfair competition. We have seen protests against Uber in Brazil, France and Mexico these last few months.

Uber and TaxiOne of the protesters said that this was a warning and that they are not in direct competition with Uber. He did say they want them and similar services to have the authorization to operate. Uber continues to offer its service, despite the recent warnings.

According to those against the service, authorities had agreed to stop all the activities that violate the laws in the transport sector. They say nothing has been done so far and that Uber is quickly spreading around the country.

A few days ago, the company announced that it would lower the price of its service, making taxi drivers complain to authorities. Uber found out about the protests and said they would deliver all the permits necessary to operate there.

Uber started offering its popular service in Casablanca back in July. The company is quickly expanding and it is planning to offer more services and options to customers around the world. Uber is also working on the delivery business, allowing its drivers to deliver smartphones and food. The protests are usually for the same reason, taxi drivers complain that the service is unfair and that it is taking their jobs. Uber was recently suspended in France after hours of protests and was banned in two cities of Brazil.

Uber was founded in March 2009 and by May 28, 2015, the service was available in 58 countries and 300 cities worldwide. The protests are not surprising since we have seen a number of them in 2015, with the number set to increase if the company keeps expanding at this pace. Uber is estimated to be worth $62.5 billion.

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