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NBA All-Star Voting Can Now Be Done Through Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Search

The NBA has now opened its 2016 All-Star voting and it looks like this could be the year that we see more votes. Fans now only have to search on Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) to vote for the best players this season. The league and Google will let fans vote through searches, which usually take less than two seconds. It will be available for desktop and mobile devices. The process is way easier for fans now since they don’t have to go to the official website to vote for the stars.

How To Vote

All fans have to do is search a phrase like NBA All-Star Voting and the option will come up. If you search NBA All-Star Voting plus the team, you will get all the players on the team. If you only search the first phrase, it will ask you to select the team. Fans then select the player they want to vote for, they have one vote per player and a maximum of ten votes per day.

The league also has voting options on some of the most popular social networks around the world. You can also vote through the NBA’s website, its app or message. The search seems like the easiest option out of the ones mentioned above. Voting ends January 18, 2016.

Who Are You Voting For?

The partnership makes sense for the league as many fans don’t like going to the official website or using social media to vote. Google search is something we use everyday and voting will take just a few seconds now, all you have to do is click on the players picture. Remember, you only have ten votes per day.

Voting ends on January 18 and the league will announce the results three days later. The All-Star game will take place on February 14 in Toronto. Golden State’s star point guard Stephen Curry had the most votes last year, with over 1.5 million. The number of votes will probably be bigger for Curry this time since voting will be easier and the Warriors are undefeated at 23-0. There are other names who are almost guaranteed to be at the game. Stars like LeBron, Wade, Durant, Westbrook and Harden are some of the most popular players around the league and always make this an entertaining event.

Who are you voting for? Do you plan on voting through the website, social media or search? Let us know in the comments.

Sean Farlow
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