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Need For Speed (2015) Always Online Requirement Has Not Been Well Received

Need For Speed (2015) was recently released and the game looks great. The cars, cutscenes and customization features are some of the things that have caught the attention of gamers. There is one little problem, the game requires players to be online for everything, including single player.

Online gaming is popular around the world, but when it requires players to be online all the time, it becomes a problem for some since there are countries where internet connectivity is unstable. The racing game needs a steady connection, especially when you’re competing against other players around the world. Need For Speed (2015), the newest title of the popular racing games, requires an Internet connection even when you’re trying to advance through the story.

For the game to work, gamers have to login to one of the servers. The decision to make this an always online game has not been well received and has been heavily criticized by fans of the games, who want to play but can’t because they don’t have a stable Internet connection. Many agree with the criticism because even when you do get to play the game, there will be times when you’re going to get disconnected. This is a huge obstacle, especially for a racing game, where you and your competition are seconds apart and a disconnection can ruin everything.

Good Idea?

Those who live in Europe and North America don’t really have a problem with this requirement since most of the connections there are good enough to play. Gamers in other countries do have a problem since the Need For Speed 2015connections are sometimes unstable or limited, making this a game that only a few can play. There are thousands of NFS fans out there and there has to be a number that did not buy the game after hearing about the requirement.

The latest NFS title comes with many improvements and reminds us a little of the Underground, Underground 2, Most Wanted and Carbon games. NFS 2015 looks great but the requirement is something that is making gamers stay away. The requirement is nothing new and might be the future of gaming, but it is definitely something that is leaving gamers out.

Will It Be Changed?

NFS 2015 always online requirement also leaves the pause button out. Gamers who need a break after a race, are currently going to the garage and using that as pause. Many think the idea of turning this into a huge online multiplayer is not the right thing to do for a racing game.

The problem can be fixed if an update to allow players to at least play single player offline is released. Again, this is not the first time a game has this requirement, but it is something we don’t see all the time. The game was recently available at a lower price, but the always online requirement might affect sales in other countries.

Have you played NFS 2015? What do you think about the always online requirement? Let us know in the comments.

Sean Farlow
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  1. I know loads of Need 4 Speed fans in the UK that have totally boycotted the game all together. I’m one of them. Over 20yrs of Need 4 Speed and none of them needed an always online connection to play. So why should this one? I noticed quite a few ignorant people saying “Makes me laugh how people complain about always online from a computer” But the facts are, like many others, i have data caps and patchy internet. Plus i do not condone always online games. You don’t actually own the game. It is a glorified rental that you can only play when THEY say you can play. And when they inevitably shut the servers down for good you will never be able to play it again. This is a game that YOU paid for! I know 1 person that bought it, but he took it straight back after EA kicked him from the game to work on the servers. They gave him a 10 second warning and kicked him. If that’s the future of gaming, then bye bye gaming.

    • Not really. If that’s the future of gaming, bye bye buying the game legitimately, hello pirated games.

    • Yeah quite a few as in five million gamers that are quite *ignorant* vs the 1500 disgruntled gamers who don’t post on steam or whatever the heck it’s called about this crap.

      EA is rich banksters who get their money from stock holders and if it looks successful in dough that’s all they care about. They don’t even read the forums so if you don’t like it encourage mass boycott.

      America did it to England when the Stamp Act law was passed which was the last straw for many.

  2. I’ve played all the NFS games up to Shift then the mmo for PC called Need for Speed World which required me to be online all the time so I don’t mind this really. If you’re not playing the game then no need to be online.

    • But an internet connection is not always available, at a reliable speed at least.
      It’s also invasive and means we rely on the server which they’ll probably shut down in a couple of years and then boom……game is completely unplayable.
      Just look at Need For Speed World.
      Some NFS fans had to mod it to get it to work offline because
      the online servers shut down as EA decided to shut the game down. -_-

      So I for one, do not welcome “always online” at all.

    • lagool57 represent 3/4ths of the gamers which is what the money makers of EA also see.

      The rest of us could jump off a cliff and they would still not change.

  3. Wow this is sure old as moldy cheese. Game is out for a while and everybody is doing fine.

    Sim City failed because the user base was different being used to playing games off line as Sim City is more about building the city the way YOU want it within physical limitations of course but it’s fun to find work arounds and mods.

    The Need For Speed game user base often go online ANYWAYS as they are young punks in big cities with ultra fast DSL top of the line from rich parents that pay all or part of the bill.

    Need For Speed is seen as a throw away title in between the next generic FPS game so most users don’t care about being online.

    Now the city building crowd DO care and as a result City Skylines is a MAJOR hit as it’s what EA should have done and has some cool expansions. Now the game is expensive as Steam is jacking the prices up for everything since they are a monopoly.


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