New Titles Available For Xbox One Backward Compatibility

Last month, the Xbox One received an update that added a number of features, including backward compatibility. The addition of the feature was huge for the console as it allowed gamers to play titles from the Xbox 360. The release brought more than 100 titles and the company promised to add more in the next few months.

Its been a little over a month since the update and the company is now adding more titles from the Xbox 360 that are playable on the Xbox One. The feature also allows players to play online against those who are on the Xbox 360, take screenshots and even record videos.

Since the update on November 12, Xbox 360 titles have registered more than nine million hours on the Xbox One. The most popular games from the backward compatibility feature are: Gears of War 3, Just Cause 2, DiRT 3, Assassin’s Creed II and Fallout 3. The titles are all Xbox 360 classics and it is not surprising to see them in the most played category.

New Games

Classics such as Fable III have been added to the lineup this time. There are a total of 16 new games to play and that is just the start. The company will keep adding titles to the lineup. The Games with Gold Xbox 360 titles can also be played on the Xbox One.

Xbox 360The company also hosted the Halo World Championship recently and is now adding a classic from that franchise, we’re talking about Halo: Reach. The game is part of the Halo universe and is a title that keeps players entertained for hours. The list of games is not very long but the titles will keep being added soon.

The company is currently working with its publishing partners to make the library much bigger. The backward compatibility feature recently made its debut on the Xbox One and its rival, the PS4, has not announced something like this yet. The company said recently that it was a heavily requested feature but one that wouldn’t be used as much.

Even with the comment, a number of PS2 games could soon make their way to the PS4. There are currently three PS2 titles from the Star Wars Battlefront game available, they were offered in a PS4 bundle recently and can also be found on the PS Store.

Do you use this feature on your Xbox One? If so, which titles are you playing? Let us know in the comments.