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Oculus Rift Pre-Order Release Date – When Can You Pre-Order

The Oculus Rift, which is a virtual reality headset, will be available for pre-orders very soon according to the brains behind the operation. If you are interested in getting an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset then you likely will not be waiting much longer, as it was said that it will definitely be available in the first quarter of 2016.

Oculus Rift Information Just Released for 2016

Palmer Luckey, who is the man behind the Oculus Rift concept posted some information on Twitter, and it is good news for any fans of the new virtual reality headset. Luckey said in his Twitter post that the pre-orders will be coming right after the New Year, and that the pre-orders will not be launched without first warning people it is coming. Luckey also said that manufacturing is going well and at this point is on pace for the first quarter 2016 release.

UPDATE: You can now order the Oculus Rift Developers Kit dk2 on Amazon Here. They even have some used rifts available at a pretty substantial discount


It was revealed last month in an interview with Time that the Oculus Rift is not going to be that expensive and it will definitely be a huge improvement for gamers. This is because the Oculus Rift has a very easy setup as well as works with many different programs. When you think about Oculus Rift, it will also allow gamers to have a new and more exciting gaming experience all together.

The weight however might be an issue with the Oculus Rift as it can be a little heavy and might hurt your head if you are using the head-mounted virtual reality device for too long. Then again, even using lightweight headphones can hurt your head and ears if you are wearing them for a long period of time, so only time will tell whether or not the Oculus Rift is really fit for gaming consumption long-term.

Luckey did not specifically state the price of the Oculus Rift on his Twitter feed, as the price still has not been made public yet, but did hint a little bit. Luckey said something that might make people shy away from Oculus Rift, which was that it might be a little more expensive than what some people would be willing to shell out for it right now. He also stated that right now virtual reality will be something everyone wants to have but not everyone will be able to afford it. While a price has not been given yet, this makes it seem like the price might be a little higher than what some people were predicting, although some have predicted a $350 price tag which is pretty steep for the technology.

When pressed further he did post a little bit more on Twitter saying that price is pretty cheap considering the technology used in the Oculus Rift and the complexity of the whole thing. If you plan on getting the Oculus Rift then make sure you have great graphics to handle it as it will need a computer with a graphics card like GTX 970 or R9 290 in order to run. Oculus Rift will also need at least an Intel Core i5 4690 processor and 8GB of RAM, so you need a newer model computer in order to get these graphics or to even upgrade your graphics card on your computer.

Some good news for the gamers is that if you pre-order the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset then you will get “Eve: Valkyrie” free. This is great news as this game is supposed to be the best and most promising virtual reality game out there for those who want to experience the full virtual world.


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  1. Actually the thing your referring to that only works with phones is the gear vr, oculus rift is the one for PC and the gear vr is the one for phones, although oculus owns the gear vr too.

  2. “$350 is steep for the technology”. Mmhmm. Ok. Sure.
    A $320 graphics card requirement isn’t exactly “High End” either, and that (or better) already resides in every PC capable of running Star Wars Battlefront, CoD Black Ops 3, or StarCraft II. Top end graphics cards are $550, bottom end is $160, anything less isn’t gaming grade. And no, FarmVille doesn’t count. Our Monitors cost more than that, at 60hz, much less 90hz. For all the bleeding edge tech crammed in there, it’s a better buy than your average smart phone.

    • You’re spot on, at least on the first part, but part two, which I shall dub an irrelevant political prop, is about as dumb as wanting $15.00 an hour for flipping burgers and not realizing the effect that will have on inflation and your own savings(the value of all monetary sums within the U.S. economy will be cut by half).


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