Uber Completes One Billion Rides In Five Years

Uber has now booked one billion rides since 2010. The American international transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco has faced protests and fines these last few months, but that hasn’t stopped it from taking its customers from one place to another.

Uber said yesterday that it had reached the one billion mark on Friday. This is a major milestone for the company and shows just how popular it has become these last few years.

The record setting ride happened in London and the passenger will receive a year free of rides, a free trip to any city where Uber is available and a donation to Hackney-Pirates, a charity located in the neighborhood where the trip started.

It hasn’t been easy for Uber, the company has seen protests around the world. Bans and fines have also been handed to them. The popular service has expanded these last few months and its popularity has grown a lot. The company admitted that the number was certainly far more than they ever imagined when they started five years ago.

Uber LondonThe company has reached a valuation of more than $50 billion and plans to expand to many other countries soon. The expansion has not been well received though, taxi drivers in the UK and all around Europe are not happy that Uber drivers can come in and start working right away. They also complain that it is taking their jobs.

Transport for London recently submitted proposals that include a number of requirements but nothing has been approved so far. The app has also faced restrictions or bans in The Netherlands and Spain. The record setting ride comes a day after one its competitors, Sidecar, announced that it would stop offering its service.


The company is still facing strong competition, with some companies teaming up to offer services in many countries around the world through one app.

2015 has been great for the company, despite the suspension in France and protests in Brazil, the service received the approval in Mexico. The company also delivered smartphones and food. They announced earlier this year that they would set up offices in one city in India, the plan is to train drivers there.

The record setting ride shows just how popular the service has become, 2016 will be huge for the company as they plan on debuting in other countries.

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