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Xiaomi Mi 5 Photo Appears, Company Brings Its First Product To The United States

The Xiaomi Mi 5 has kept fans waiting for a while. Its been almost 18 months since the Mi 4 was released and the company has not announced its next device. Many thought their next smartphone was going to make an appearance in the event last month, but it never happened.

Many expect the Mi 5 to be released early next year and now a photo of the smartphone has appeared on one of the company’s social media accounts, indicating that fans will soon be able to see and buy the Mi 5.

Rumored Features

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun recently said the company takes around 12 to 18 months to unveil their next flagship smartphone. Rumors say it is almost ready and that it will soon be announced. Jun has been using the phone for some time now and recently said that the device is worth waiting for.

The Mi 5 has been talked about, but it is the first time that a photo of what could be the phone has surfaced. The device looks similar to the Mi Note, which was released earlier this year. It has not been confirmed if the device in the photo is the Mi 5, but many believe it is since a few tech sites have reported recently that it will probably be released in January. Rumors also say the Mi 5 will feature a 5.3 inch display and will come with the great price Xiaomi usually offers.

The 32GB version is expected to have 3GB of RAM while the 64GB will probably come with 4GB of RAM. The device is also expected to feature a 16MP camera and a 3,030 mAh battery.

Yi Action Camera

Xiaomi has finally launched a product in the United States, but it’s not a tablet or one of their smartphones. The product now available in the United States is the Yi action camera, which costs less than $100. The company has turned into a giant by offering its products at great prices, but they had never offered any of them in the U.S.

Xiaomi CameraThe camera will compete with a few others in the market and could turn into a hot seller with its price. The Yi action camera made its debut earlier this year. It may not have the greatest features but it will definitely compete with the more basic cameras available.

The camera features a 16MP sensor that can take 1080p videos at 60fps. It also has 64GB of internal storage that can be expanded with a microSD. That’s not all, the camera has built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microphone and can be controlled through a smartphone. The battery is 1,100 mAh and can be easily charged. The features are decent but its price will probably be the main attraction.

Do you plan on buying the camera? Would you like to see the Mi 5 in the U.S.? Let us know in the comments.







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