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AMD FX 4350 Vs Intel i3 4130 – Budget CPU Comparison

This a companion article on the actual numbers involved between the CPUs discussed in the Best Cheap CPU For A Gaming PC 2018 – Picking A Processor article. Once we get past this article there really isn’t much to recommend from AMD at the moment, that may change in November but it’s  January, so don’t hold your breath.  We’ll be looking at the comparative products between the two big players, AMD and Intel. First up the AMD FX 4350 Vs Intel i3 4130.

AMD FX 4350 Vs Intel i3 4130 – Which is Better?

AMD FX-4350Intel i3 4130
Price $89.99 $109.89
Passmark 5,218 4,777
Passmark Single Core 1,515 1,969
Power Consumption 125W 54W
Upgrade Options None ReallyPlenty, LGA 1150 socket has many options that will still be viable next year.
Cores 4 2
 Additional NotesOverall it may seem that the FX-4350 is out classed in every way, but I can attest that side by side there really isn’t much of a performance difference in game.For short term this wold be the best option. Decent performance now and the opportunity to upgrade to a more powerful CPU down the line. A top buy.
 Future AMD will be releasing the Zen chips near the end of next year, they will again focus on per core performance, but only time will tell if the match up to intel.Intel has released a new architecture recently, so all of the LGA 1150 chips are out of date. In saying that, the chips are frankly fantastic across the board, so I wouldn’t worry too much if you go for this one.


So which is a better value for a CPU, the AMD FX 4350 or the Intel i3 4130? I have to say the i3 4130 is the better buy and value. While I like the 4350 it just doesn’t make economic sense, you’ll have to buy a new motherboard along with a CPU when you upgrade. Whereas with the 4130 all you’ll need is a new CPU. Now I can confirm that the 4350 will still run modern games, and run them well, I have one myself. Overall the best option is still the i3 6100.

Barry W Stanton
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  1. Thanks for the article, but this isn’t really much of a showdown, as AMD lags behind Intel at almost every level. I say this as an AMD fan with an 8350 in my system right now, and a 6120 in the old HP I handed down to my sister.

    You’re right in saying that in games, there’s really not much of a difference however, as even my old 6120 rig with an R9 270x will Run Fallout 4 on medium settings just fine, with close to 60fps most of the time.

    That said, I like to buy AMD whenever it’s even close to Intel just to support them, because I don’t want Intel to be a monopoly. I’m hoping Zen will be good, I don’t want to be stuck paying high prices for slow Intel chips because AMD went out of business and Intel’s a real monopoly instead of an almost monopoly.

    • You’re right about CPU’s being one sided these days, I’m doing GPU’s next, and AMD is a lot more competitive in that regard. I really hope Zen at least matches the Skylake chips or we’ll see another generation of Intel dominance, and that sucks for consumers.


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