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AMD FX 8320 Vs Intel i3 4370 – Which Budget Processor is Best?

This a companion article on the actual numbers involved between the CPUs discussed in the Best Cheap CPU For A Gaming PC 2018 – Picking A Processor article. Once we get past these budget articles there really isn’t much to recommend from AMD, that may change in November but it’s  January, so don’t hold your breath.  We’ll be looking at the comparative products between the two big players, AMD and Intel. this time a look at the AMD FX 8320 and the Intel i3 4370 and see what’s the best cheap processor for your next gaming PC build.

AMD FX 8320 Vs Intel i3 4370 – CPU Comparison

AMD FX-8320Intel i3 4370
Passmark8,021 5,544
Passmark Single Core 1,3962,209
Power Consumption 125W 54W
Upgrade Options None ReallyPlenty, LGA 1150 socket has many options that will still be viable next year.
Cores8 4
 Additional NotesWhile the multi core performance might make it seem like this is a good bet, it really isn’t. Great for video processing, not great of video games, which is kinda the focal point of the comparison. You’re better off with the 4370.The better option again, this will be a theme with my CPU reviews and comparisons. Always go for the intel chip, you may pay a little extra at the beginning, but you get the better product, I’m sorry to say. Monopolies are bad for the consumer.
 Future AMD will be releasing the Zen chips near the end of next year, they will again focus on per core performance, but only time will tell if the match up to intel.Intel has released a new architecture recently, so all of the LGA 1150 chips are out of date. In saying that, the chips are frankly fantastic across the board, so I wouldn’t worry too much if you go for this one.


We’re in a bit of rut in the budget CPU department these days. Intel out designed AMD to such an extent that they have a monopoly on the product. That said AMD still holds their own in both price and by the fact they produce the hardware for home consoles. However when it comes down to AMD FX 8320 Vs Intel i3 4370 processors, go for the intel chip.

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