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AMD R7 360 Vs Nvidia GTX 750 Ti – 2018 Comparison & Review

This is a companion piece to my Best Cheap GPU For A Gaming PC 2016 – Picking A Graphics Card article. Here we’ll be looking at the raw numbers of the GPUs mentioned there. Unlike the Intel Vs AMD articles, Nvidia Vs AMD is a much closer race. For some of these the winner is clear, but for others the circumstances play a larger role in what card you should get. So lets take a look at the AMD R9 360 and the Nvidia GTX 750 Ti.

AMD R7 360 Vs Nvidia GTX 750 Ti – GPU Comparison

AMD R7 360Nvidia GTX 750 Ti
Clock Speed1,050MHz1,020MHz
Memory Clock Speed
Power Draw 100W68W
Floating Point Performance1,613 GFLOPS1,728 GFLOPS
 FutureAMD is moving ahead with a 14nm die for their next generation cards, smaller than Nvidia’s 16nm. Whether we will see a performance boost on the AMD side is unknown. Upgrading a GPU is universal though, so you aren’t tied down to a company.Nvidia has always been able to eke out a little more performance from their cards. I don’t expect their next GPUs to be any different. This years new releases will be very interesting. Upgrading a GPU is universal though, so you aren’t tied down to a company.
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In all honesty, both of these GPUs are great. You really can’t go wring buying one or the other at this price point. The only thing I would advise is to shop around. The prices for GPUs varies wildly for many reasons. They can both be found right now for sub $100, but that may be quick to change. Make sure you pair the GPU with a good processor, with higher end GPUs you can get away with spending a little less on the CPU, but that isn’t true for these cards. I’d recommend pairing it with the i3-6100.

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  1. Considering AMD stated that Polaris is supposed to have 2.5 times more performance per watt over Fiji (which is present in Fury cards and Nano)… (while Nvidia said they can expect 2 times performance per watt for Pascal), I’d say AMD definitely has a chance at beating Nvidia – plus they have an upper hand of getting more efficiency out of their GPU’s due to 14nm (vs Nvidia’s 16nm).

    I’m hoping to see AMD in a better position this year so they can recoup their losses and get back into the game.


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