Candy Crush Tips You Need to Know

Candy Crush is one of the biggest and most popular puzzle games out there on mobile and web browser. Candy Crush regularly has updates which keep the levels coming so you are never really done or finished with the game. We all have been there before when it comes to sitting down and trying over and over to beat a level.

Whether you are new to Candy Crush or a seasoned veteran, there are many different tips and tricks that you should know that can help make it easier on you to pass the Candy Crush levels with ease. We are going to tell you some of the best tips and tricks out there for Candy Crush no matter which level you are on. These tips also can help you get free lives because it will save you from wasting precious lives trying to get through the hardest levels.

Candy Crush Tips For Success

Get Unlimited Lives via Facebook– If you want to get yourself some free lives on Candy Crush, you can do this easily by using a good Facebook trick. If you have connected your Facebook account and Candy Crush you will be able to do this trick. When you are in Facebook, open several tabs of Candy Crush at the same time. You can open 5 or 10 Candy Crush tabs on your browser. Each tab will contain 5 lives, so you can actually end up with 25 to 50 free lives just by opening more tabs of the game. The only bad part is that if you beat a level you will have to refresh all of the open Candy Crush pages on your Facebook. This is a good tip though because you will not have to ask friends for lives as you can get unlimited free lives just by having multiple tabs.

Reshuffle Is Your Friend- In Candy Crush before you begin the game, you have the choice to reshuffle the board. Doing this does not cost you any lives either as long as you do not make a move on the board. If you want to do this simply click on the exit button when you are in the level and then get back into the level and the board is automatically reshuffled for you. The only time this tip does not work is during the time challenges because the time is already going once you open the level up. This is a good way to rearrange the board if you already can tell you are doomed. If you do not know how to know when to reshuffle, keep playing because once you get good enough you can spot the bad boards quickly.

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Bottom is First- A lot of people might not know that with Candy Crush no matter which level you are on, it is best to start at the bottom. This is because when you start all the way at the bottom you are increasing your chance of having candies fall into good places. If the candies fall into good places you might end up with a cascade effect, which is when you get candies to go away on their own just by dropping down. This is basically like getting free moves and free lives all in one because you are letting the candies do some of the work for you.

Know How Stripes Work- The striped candies in Candy Crush are important so you need to know how they function to get the most out of them. If you have a candy that you move horizontally, then the stripe will also end up horizontal. If your candy goes vertically and you move it then you will have a vertical striped explosion. Just look at how the stripe on the candy works and that is the direction the striped explosion will go, so think about this before you move it.

Know Your Threats- In Candy Crush, another tip that might be helpful is if you know how the threats work in the game. This means that you need to understand which candies and items will make clearing the board way too hard. Eliminate the dangerous candies first, which often times is bombs, then chocolates, and then go for the locked candies. Bombs are first because often they have a timer on them, and then chocolates are second since they can overrun the board if you don’t clear them quickly.

Careful with Free Lives Gifts- If you get a friend to give you free lives make sure you are careful on when you use these gifts. If you already have the max lives for the game, accepting the life gift will do nothing for you and it will be wasted. You can just hit the “X” when you see the free lives from a friend banner pop up and then click accept only when your lives are running out. Sometimes you just click accept without looking and you end up wasting those free lives that can be so valuable.

Only Worry About Edge Jelly- The jellies are super annoying in Candy Crush, but make sure you are only focusing on the jellies that are on the edge of the board. This is because the edge jellies have only a couple ways to get rid of them and it will take more time to clear them from the board. Just focus on the edge jellies or nearby combinations that you can make to get rid of the edge jellies. If you do not follow this tip then you might end up clearing the entire board except the four corners of jellies.

Destroy Chocolates- If you do not destroy the chocolate in each round they will regenerate in the next round. Try to get at least one piece of chocolate gone in each round so that it will not overtake your entire board. Just go one at a time each round so that they do not keep coming back, because they will quickly ruin everything.