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Clash of Clans Guide: The Benefits of Gems

In Clash of Clans, the premium currency is gems which can be very useful to you in many ways. We are going to tell you all of the benefits you can get if you decide to purchase the gems. Most of the time gems are purchased through the app with real money. There are some occasions in the game however where you can earn gems just by playing the game. You will need to use real money to purchase the gems though due to needing a lot of them to get the most benefits.

Before we get into the specific benefits of buying the gems, we wanted to tell you a little about Clash of Clans itself. Clash of Clans is an MMO game for both iOS and Android that was developed by Supercell. This game is known as a freemium game since you can play the game for free, but to get the most out of the game you will need to make in-app purchases with real money.

Starting off you get 500 gems for free when you begin the game, however you have to use 250 just to get through the tutorial. Clash of Clans has become an iconic game in the mobile gaming world, even though most people have to purchase gems in the game to get the most benefits that come with the gems.

Benefits of Gems in Clash of Clans

Buying Resources- You will need the gems in order to purchase the other resources. You can purchase resources such as Dark Elixir, Gold, Elixir, and the Builder’s Huts. The issue is if you try to just get the gems through the game itself, you often times will not have enough to purchase the resources needed since it requires such a large amount of gems for each resource.

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Items Require Gems- There are a lot of items in Clash of Clans that will require you to purchase them using gems. Just like with the resources, you will need quite a few gems in order to purchase these items. That means you will need to buy bulk amounts of gems in the Shop in order to get these items that require a lot of gems. Some of the items that require a lot of gems to purchase are the Builder’s Huts, Pirate Flag, and the Mighty Statue.

Instantly Complete Upgrades & Construction- The gems in Clash of Clans also can be used to instantly complete projects. These projects include various construction projects and also includes upgrades to existing structures. For example, you can instantly complete Troop upgrades that happen in the Laboratory or use gems to finish upgrades and construction of various buildings. You can use gems to finish the Troop training queues in the Dark Barracks and the Barracks as well. If you do not use the gems to instantly finish these projects or upgrades, you have to wait for the timer to finish and this can take some time.

Healing- While playing Clash of Clans, you might notice that you have heroes you need to heal. You can use the gems in the game to heal your heroes and also try to get them to recover. The healing rate can be increased pretty substantially if you use the gems. This means that you can increase how quickly your heroes can recover from injury, which might save your life during battle.

Purchase Shields- The gems also can be used to purchase Shields in Clash of Clans. These Shields all have different durations on them, but the Shields with the longer durations cost more gems. You also can get a Village Guard for two hours, and this guard protects your base from various attacks for two hours.

Speed up Productions- You can use the gems to speed up production of various parts of the game as well. The gems can speed up the production of the Barracks. You also can speed up the resource collectors too, which means the gold mines and Elixir Collectors. The gems will allow you to speed up these resource collectors for a specific period of time, which means you can get more resources out of these items for the designated time frame. Obviously this will allow you to collect more gold and other resources without having to wait, but it does cost quite a few gems to do.

These are just some of the biggest benefits that you will get if you decide to purchase gems in the game. Remember that since gems are a premium currency, going through the Shop is often the best way to get a ton of gems quickly. Even though gems take real money to purchase you will find that it is very smart to get as many as you can so you are not waiting on timers.



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