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Adult Acne Questions & Answers

Adult acne is very severe for some people, especially with a lot of people thinking that acne stops when you get out of your teenage years. The truth of the matter is that acne actually can last well into your adulthood, including into your 30’s and 40’s and the impact of adult acne can be very embarrassing. Taking control of your adult acne can help you take better control of your life, and you will feel more confident in your job and other duties. If you are turning 20 or are even older and have questions about adult acne, including what causes it, then keep reading to learn some of the most important facts about adult acne.

Adult Acne Facts To Know

Adult Acne Caused by Same Issues as Teenage Acne– If you are in your late 20’s and you have adult acne, it’s good to know that the same things that can cause teenage acne can cause adult acne. This means bacteria and excess oils on the skin both can be causing your adult acne no matter what your age is, even if you are 29. If you are a woman and you smoke, you are going to be at a higher risk of developing adule acne. There is also the issue of acne being found more commonly in families, which means if your mom or dad had adult acne then you are more likely to develop it into adulthood. The worst part is that whether you are 29 or 49 you are still at risk for developing adult acne.


Birth Control Can Help and Hurt Acne– Some women get onto birth control in their adult years to control breakouts and prevent adult acne. While it is true that birth control can help cure up acne, not everyone will get the same positive effect of the birth control. Birth control helps cure acne by blocking out the androgen horones, and the androgen is what makes the oil glands secrete more, thus producing acne. In some women however, birth control can actually cause acne to form, so it is important that you still maintain a high level of skin cleaning and care and don’t stop your regular routine just because you are on birth control. If you begin developing acne after you start birth control, it could very well be that birth control, especially if you never had those issues in the past. If you think your birth control is causing your adult acne, then talk to your doctor about making a switch to see if it helps.

Washing Doesn’t Get Rid of Blackheads- It is important to know if you suffer from acne that washing your face or skin does not get rid of acne or blackheads. Blackheads are what forms below the surface of the skin, and this happens when air gets into a partially clogged up pore. If the pore is completely blocked then that is how you get a whitehead. You want to make sure you are washing your skin and face regularly, especially after you sweat so that you do not end up with partially clogged or completely clogged pores. When you do wash, you want to use warm water and not hot water, and use only a mild cleanser. It is also important to know that just like with teenage acne, adult acne cannot be helped by scrubbing your skin, since that can lead to irritation and make the whole situation worse.

Makeup Does Cause Adult Acne- As you get older, you might be wearing makeup more often as you get into the real world and have a job you have to go to everyday. Some makeup products can and will cause adult acne to form, because makeup has the biggest potential to cause clogged pores. The best way to avoid adult acne if you wear makeup is to look for the oil-free makeup products, along with looking for nonacnegenic and non-comedogenic products, and these two products help adults with sensitive or oily skin. You also might want to use powder foundation and not cream foundation as this can lessen the possibility of having your pores get clogged.


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