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Disney Infinity Toy Box Strategies & Tips

For a lot of children, Disney Infinity is one of the most fun games out there. That is because not only can you play a video game on your specific device, but you also have real-world action figures that you use. These action figures can be incorporated into your adventures within the game, and each action figure holds a new experience for you. There are numerous things that you can do in Disney Infinity, wih one of the most popular things being the Toy Box. If you are going to be trying out the Toy Box in Disney Infinity then there are some tips out there that you should follow which can make the experience better for you.

Disney Infinity Toy Box Tips & Strategies

Make a Disney Account- The first tip we are going to give you about Disney Infinity for the Toy Box is that you should make a Disney ID and account. This is very much a tip that will help you because you will be able to access all of your stats, characters and will be able to save and share via various platforms. Once you get signed up for a Disney ID then you will notice all of your characters will be loaded into the “My Collection” section. You will also be able to share your Toy Boxes with friends and have access to developer picks by making an account.

disney infinity toy box

Make Friends- It is also a good idea if you want to play in the Toy Box that you make friends, as friends are always fun to have around. All you do to add your friends is go to your “Friends” screen and then go over to the “Social Hub” and click on the + sign to add the username of your friends. Friends can be beneficial in Toy Box because your friends will be able to play your creations and you can show off your characters and stats. If you are someone that likes to be social in games then of course you should add as many people as you can, whether they are online friends only or real friends in your personal life.

Play the Daily Challenge- A very useful Toy Box tip is that you also want to play the Daily Challenge because this will help you earn sparks. You can click on “Toy Box” then head over to “Toy Box Games” and you will see the “Daily Challenge” in the menu. Playing the Daily Challenge helps you earn sparks daily, but you want to level up your characters somewhat first before you play. If you are still using the trial characters then try to level them up as well because it will help you earn more sparks than if they were basic bottom levels.

Prioritize Sparks Use- Since we are talking about sparks, it is important that we mention you should prioritize your sparks within the Toy Box and use them wisely. You want to think about what you want to buy with the sparks, such as a new toy or a new outfit for your character. You want to think about it because sparks are sometimes hard to collect and it is even harder to save them up for what you want.

Play with Trial Characters- The trial characters are great because you can play with them and see what Disney Infinity is all about. The trial characters really give you an insight into the Toy Box and all of the features and functions, so have fun with them. You will still be able to play those characters if you buy them and all of your levels and progress will be saved for you. This is cool because you will not have to start over if you do another trial or if you buy them.

Know How to Unlock Toys- Toys can be unlockede in so many different ways in the Toy Box and it is important you know some of these methods. One way you can unlock the toys is by doing the Toy Box Introduction mission. Some other toys are unlocked when you play a specific character in the game, and other toys are unlocked when you use certain devices such as a console to play. You might get one toy if you are on PlayStation or Xbox and other toys by playing on the PC.

Participate in Challenges- Another great tip for the Disney Infinity Toy Box is to be active in the challenges. Challenges are a fun way to keep connected with the community and it is very easy to participate. You can play the weekly challenges that come up automatically and you even can submit your own challenges. If you would like to submit a challenge simply go over to your Toy Box and then hit “Submit” and there you go. The challenges are fun and sometimes a little complicated, which can be a good thing if you are someone who gets bored doing the same things over and over.

Go Through Multiplayer- Multiplayer is definitely something you want to get into because you can race your friends, build with your friends and even battle your friends. You can click on any of your online friends to go into multiplayer mode and you can do it at any level. If you have a special character that you want to show your friends, then going into multiplayer is the best way to do that as well.



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