Fitbit Charge HR vs Samsung Gear Fit – Reviews & 2018 Comparison

The Battle of Fitness bands

Looking for a good but inexpensive fitness tracker? Both Samsung and Fitbit offer an option but what’s the difference between the two, and which one gives you better bang for your buck?

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Device Compatibility

Samsung Gear Fit is only compatible with Android devices.

Fitbit Charge HR is compatible with Android, IOS and Windows devices.
Fitness Watch Features

The Samsung Gear measures calories burned, distance traveled, when you’re active or not, distance, steps taken, heart rate, sleep patterns and allows you to tag specific exercises. It also allows you to set goals for each individual action. It has basic splash protection but it’s not recommended for swimming or extended exposure to water.
The Gear when paired with your smartphone also offers limited smart watch capabilities. The full AMOLED screen allows you to answer and respond to texts and emails, as well as incoming phone calls. With certain applications it can also be used to remotely control your music and media.

The Fitbit HR does all of those as well, with the exception of tagging exercises. But it has the additional ability of monitoring calorie intake. It also has an alarm clock, social media features, stop watch (useful for a fitness device), general activity monitoring, sleep monitoring as well as online access through fits app. There’s also a barcode scanner so you can record what you’re eating if you prepare your own meals. It has basic water protection, more so than the Gear Fit. It’s unfortunately not water resistant enough to swim with.
Application support

The Samsung gear is only supported by the Gear Fit Manager, which is limited to android 4.3+ devices. It’s also compatible with S Health, a Samsung exclusive fitness application.

The Fitbit Charge HR is compatible with Endomondo, Lose It!, MapMyFitness, IFITT,  My Fitness Pal and Spark People. It’s also compatible with an optional scale that can monitor and automatically track your progress. With Windows and Mac, you can still monitor everything recorded by the Fitbit for a full picture of your activities.
Battery Life Comparisons 

The Samsung Gear Fit battery is estimated to last up to 5 full days, which means you should be able to wear it in your day to day life without much concern. Charge time is reported to be around 3 hours which isn’t terrible.

The Fitbit Charge HR battery lasts up to 7 days with use, and recharges in 1-2 hours from a completely drained battery.


So What is the Best Fitness Watch – Fitbit Charge HR or Samsung Gear Fit?

While the Samsung may have a nicer screen as well as a few extra features, if you’re only after a fitness tracker, then the Fitbit Charge HR is the better choice. It has an incredible versatility that allows you to access to more applications and features than you’d get with Samsung. The longer battery life of the Charge HR is also more appealing. The lack of screen means it can endure more stress in a gym setting without worrying about it getting broken or damaged, something that’s all too common with small screens.
If you want something more like a budget smart watch with expanded fitness features, the Gear Fit is the better choice for you. But if you only want it for fitness purposes, then you won’t really need the extra options the gear offers.

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