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Game of War Upgrade List

If you are playing Game of War, you might be wondering about what upgrades you can make in the game. We are going to give you a run down of the most important upgrades that you can make in the game. With our list of available upgrades you will be able to successfully defend your area and will end up also having better luck when it comes to your offense. Offense includes things such as training your troops and ensuring victory when you attack an enemy.

When it comes to upgrades in Game of War, buildings are the main items that you want to upgrade because buildings are the backbone of your game. We are going to get into some of the major buildings and items that you need to upgrade in Game of War in order to stay strong.

List of Game of War Upgrades

Academy- The Academy enables you to research wall trap improvements as well as troops and economic structure. You will also be able to boost your Research speed by up to 1% through this upgrade for each level. This is a priority upgrade in Game of War and it is significant for everything else you do in the game.

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Altar- In Game of War, the Altar helps you boost up your troops when it is activated. You will need to sacrifice a Hero after you do a Prison execution however to activate this. You will end up with Army boosts and boosts to your troop attack, health and defense as well.

Barracks- Your troops are trained over in the Barracks, so it is important to upgrade this in the game regularly. If you upgrade your Barracks, you will be able to train more troops at once and you can also stack the troop training by building multiple Barracks as well.

Embassy- In the Embassy you will get reinforcement troops from other cities and you also can send out your troops to other cities.

Farm- The farm is another important upgrade because this is how you generate food supply. If your farm level is higher then you will be able to make more food each hour. Your city will also have a higher food capacity if you upgrade the farm.

Forge- Upgrading the forge allows you to get more equipment for your Hero. You will be able to also combine various materials or gems to help get the items to the next level. The forge is one of the biggest upgrades you need to make due to how much other equipment you can get for your hero by heading over there.

Gold Mine- In Game of War you want to upgrade your gold mine because you can get gold from here once a day and also from other players. Other players will be able to gift you gold at any time, and moreso if you upgrade your mine. If your gold mine is high level then you can collect more gold each day. There is only one gold mine allowed in each city though.

Gymnos- The Gymnos helps boost your Hero by adding experience and this happens each time your Hero gains XP in the game. If you find yourself gaining XP quite a bit in the game then your Gymnos will be going up right along with that.

Hall of War- You can attack other players by rallying your troops over at the Hall of War. If you upgrade this then you will be able to increase the amount of ally players that can be in your rally.

Hospital- You need to upgrade the hospital because this is where the troops go when you are being attacked. If your hospital is upgraded higher then you can end up protecting more of your troops in the event of an attack.

Logging Camp- This allows you to generate wood and the higher level the more wood you can make each hour.

Marketplace- Here is where you can trade resources and the higher the level of your Marketplace the more resources you can send.

Mine- The mine allows you to generate ore and the higher level your mine the more ore you can make in an hour. The ore capacity in your city will also increase by upgrading your mine.

Prison- You can capture and end up holding enemies here at the prison. You also can execute enemies and view the skills and equipment of those captured.

Quarry- You want to upgrade your quarry in Game of War because this is how you generate stones. The higher level the quarry the more stones each hour you will be able to produce. It also increases the amount of stones your city can hold.

Storehouse- This is where you can protect your resources from the enemy if they come trying to attack you.

Stronghold- Upgrading the stronghold is a good idea because it unlocks new buildings and allows you to see your city’s advancements.

Treasury- You can invest in gold through the treasury and you get return interest which comes in more gold. You can invest for 1 week, 2 weeks or 4 weeks in this part of the game. This is something you should always be participating in and make sure you upgrade regularly to get the highest interest.

Villa- Over at the villa you can generate silver often, so the higher level the villa the more silver you can generate each hour. Upgrading this also will decrease the amount of time it takes to train your troops.

Walls- If you are upgrading your walls it will help improve the defenses in your city. You also can upgrade to get more traps as upgrading allows you to have a bigger trap capacity.

Watchtower- The watchtower is where you will find out if any enemies are heading your way and you will be warned if they are approaching. You will also be warned of when trades are coming towards your city and also if or when Alliance reinforcements are coming.



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