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Ghost Games Is Working On The Next Need For Speed

Need For Speed (2015) was released two months ago, but the studio is already working on its next racing title.

The news about the next Need For Speed come from the company’s job site, where they are currently hiring for the Ghost team. The new members will be working on the next racing title.

Need For Speed (2015) has been out for almost three months but has not made its debut on PC. The game, which focuses on a group of racers waiting to be noticed by the most popular ones, was the twenty second installment in the series and a full reboot of the franchise.

The release has received mixed reviews, with many praising its visuals and customization. The issue with the game seems to be the always online requirement, which makes the game unplayable for those who don’t like to play online or have an unstable connection.

New Events

We don’t know what the next title will focus on but gamers have asked the company to bring back the NFS Underground series for years. Need For Speed (2015) featured many of the things we saw during the NFS Underground series. The title recently added new events featuring Eddie and Melissa, two of the characters from the series.

Need For Speed (2015) has added lots of new content through the always online requirement but many are still not happy. The next title won’t be released soon but if the requirement comes back, some could stay away from the game.

Next Installment

NFS UndergroundWe won’t be hearing about the next game for a while as they are probably just getting started and are still hiring, but it will be interesting to see what it will feature this time. The recent Legends update featuring the two Need For Speed Underground characters showed us that they have not forgotten about the series.

The next installment could be a sequel or a brand new game. Need For Speed (2015) did not make fans happy with the requirement but the rest of the game was decent. The customization and the nice looking cutscenes are some of the things that the game gained points on.

Need For Speed (2015) is out in stores now for the Xbox One and PS4. The PC version will be released some time this year. What would you like to see in the next installment? Would you be happy with a new NFS Underground release? Did you buy NFS (2015)? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. The always online prevented me from getting a new system for a new game generation. Many features are lacking from previous titles, the car list has been substantially larger in previous titles, the physics aren’t natural and certainly have no basis on reality. An extra year in development was an apparent waste of resources. The Run has the perfect model for online racing, I hope they bring back tier specific playlists and a challenge series of some sort.

  2. Need for speed 2015 was such a let down. It probably needed another year of development. Physics and handling were just bad, but not as bad as the CREW. I use to love nfs but after this stunt, i might just wait till the game goes on sale. The last need for speed i owned before this was The Run. Ive lost all hope for the crew and nfs isnt to far behind. ill never pre order again..

  3. I bought nfs 15 the day it hit the shelf for xbox 1 and 110% love it I like how it feels original and the customization is pretty incredible. I’ve been playing the nfs series since I was little and only 2 of the many I disliked and that was the run and rivals , but I still enjoyed them enough to play them both .

    As for returning to the underground series bring back , GOD PLEASE DO THAT ! That series is the games that has me playing nfs still today, I think what should happen is a remaster of underground , and underground 2 , then proceed with a third. I think that would resurrect alot fan loss from games past.

  4. I wish they would come out with something similar to the Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. That was one of the funnest Need for Speeds there was. People are still playing that game online. I had many ideas for a new one but I don’t see it happening though!

  5. I thought NFS was a big step forward to be honest. Easily the best NFS game since Carbon. I like that they brought back the customization aspect, which they had gotta away from for a while. i still think Underground 1 & 2, Most Wanted, and Carbon all had more customization options, but this was a good start. If they get ride of the required internet connect to play, it would be great, but it doesnt bother me that much. I only recent bought the game and so far I am really enjoying it, i hope the next one is similar.

  6. What they NEED to do is do a ‘remastered’ edition of everyone’s favourite titles in the series, like how Halo did with all the various games. I would LOVE to have a Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005) remastered edition (i.e. with resolutions way higher, better graphics, textures, etc.) but even if that never happens it will still be my favourite. If they remaster NFS Underground, Underground 2, and then Most Wanted (2005), I think thousands of fans will be extremely happy.


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