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Habbo Tips – How To Become Popular

Habbo is a virtual world for teenagers in which you can chat with people and create a virtual room where you can invite your friends over to hang out. If you are just starting out on Habbo you might be curious as to how you can become popular on the game. We wanted to share with you some tips that can help you become popular on Habbo, which can help you enjoy the virtual world even more.

Tips On Becoming Popular in Habbo

Get into More Rooms- If you want to become popular on Habbo then you have to get out there and go into more of the public rooms. You need to go into the rooms and begin talking to people, even if it is just the welcome room to start off. You cannot make friends or become popular on Habbo if you are not going into the rooms and talking to other players. If you are just starting out the welcome room is a good place to start to meet people and it helps you figure out the basics of the game and what is expected of you.

Know Your Motivation– For some people becoming popular means having more friends, while others just want to win awards and prizes. If you want to become popular on Habbo you need to ask yourself why you want to become popular. This will help you figure out how to go about it in Habbo, whether you want to get as many friends as you can or you have other motivations.

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Hang with Popular Players– An easy way to gain some popularity in Habbo is to simply hang out and chat with the popular players. Of course you want to be nice to them and try to not copy them or their mannerisms, but let them know how cool you are too. You want to basically ask them for advice or simply connect with them and be friends. Hanging with the popular players will increase your popularity simply by being around them and being respectful.

Get In on Action- If there is an event going on or party, as long as it is cool that you attend, you should. Go into the various chat rooms and interact with people or hang out in the party area and make new friends. If you want to become popular you need to go to the events and become more social, but you should not be a pest or end up going to a party if you are not invited. You can ask to go to the party and see what the person says, as this is just a sign of respect as you do not want to be or go where you are not wanted.

Do Not Have Grammar Errors– In Habbo, if you have many spelling errors or other grammatical errors, you will come across as a total “noob” and people will not want to be around you. This means use proper spelling and punctuation, and also do not get cute with the spelling of words. This means write “yes” as a reply and not “yeahz” or anything like that.

Learn the Slang- While we did tell you one tip to become popular is to spell correctly, you also need to learn about the slang of the game. The slang is basically words that are short or abbreviated for the chats, such as typing “furni” instead of furniture. A “Norm” is simply someone that does not have a Habbo Club membership and so on. This will get you popular because it is the vocabulary related to the game and it lets other players know you are involved in the game and willing to learn the language. These slang words, which you will learn over time, are the only words where it is accepted among the players to spell differently than the normal spelling.

Play Games- In Habbo, it really helps to play the games such as the Falling Furni and many other types of games found in the virtual world. You are going to run into other players while playing the games, and this will help you make friends and become popular. It will also allow you to earn credits and currency to purchase items for your room, which will increase the chances people would want to come over and hang out.

Host Games, Mazes, and Parties– If you want to become popular one tip to follow is to begin hosting your own mazes, parties and games. Once you get items and furniture in your room, you will be more inclined to host your own parties since your place will look pretty cool. Hosting parties or games and inviting people over is a great way to become popular with other players. If you host a nice enough party or game then people will want to hang out with you more and you will make more friends.

Never Ask for Furniture- In Habbo, you will get people angry if you ask for furniture, especially for free. In order to become popular in the game you need to make your own way and put in the effort. This means do not ask for people to just give you items as this makes people not want to be around you. You will not earn friends or popularity by coming off as a mooch.

Never Crash Parties– If you see a party going on you do not want to crash it. This means not crashing into member-only parties if you are a “norm” or non-member. It also means do not crash non-member parties if you are a member. Party crashing is not acceptable and will lead to you being shunned by other players. You need to simply just keep the golden rule in mind which is to treat people how you want to be treated, which in this case means being able to respect boundaries of groups in the game.



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