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Hero Up Tips on Challenges & Starting the Game

Hero Up, which you might also know as Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, is an online MMO game that people love to play. Both young children and adults enjoy Hero Up since it is based on the Marvel Super Hero Squad and the Marvel comic book series. In Hero Up, you collect various heroes in order to form your own Squad, and you can then use these heroes to engage in various activities, battles, missions, and games.

A big part of Hero Up involves increasing your hero stats which enables you to fight in combats more effectively. There are also animated emotes that are used in the social world zones of the game, so there are a ton of aspects to this game to keep you busy for hours.

While there are many different things you can do in Hero Up, some of the first activities you will come across in this game are challenges, which are the quests in the game. These challenges, especially the first 25, will give you a good foundation to use for combat in the later parts of the game and it really gets you into the groove of the game.

We are going to give you some much-needed tips that can help you get through some of these challenges in the beginning. We also are going to talk about some of the things you need to know and tips you can use for starting the game in general.

Hero Up Challenge Tips & Start Up Guide

Look Into Tutorials- When you begin Hero Up you definitely want to check out the tutorials to the game before getting into it. These tutorials, which are part of the files that are loaded tells you basic moves of the game. The tutorials will teach you about which Zones and Missions require which moves or which moves can help you in each situation.

You also will learn about the store in the game, the Prize Wheel and the screen navigation along with other important details. These are all important pieces of information you want to know before starting Hero Up, and it is one of the best tips out there to help you learn the challenges.

Know Game World- The first area you will encounter in Hero Up is Game World which is known as the first Zone. The first Zone is also known as the Daily Bugle. When you get into Game World you will notice that there is a Prize Wheel. Head over to the Prize Wheel and you will get 150 gold.

Always Look for Prize Wheels- As we just mentioned you will get 150 gold in the first Zone. The first Zone however is not the only place you will find these Prize Wheels as they are located in each and every Zone. If you want to get through the first challenges in Hero Up, you will need to collect all of the gold you can since gold is the main currency in the game.

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The Currency– While gold is the main currency in Hero Up and what you will need to enhance your stats for the challenges, there are other currencies as well. You will find that in Hero Up you also have the ability to earn Silver as well as earn Stars. The gold and silver are used to by card quests, missions, new heros, furniture, and even more good prizes and items.

When you are facing challenges remember that you can earn currency by completing them successfully, but also know that you might have to spend some gold or silver in order to enhance stats in order to beat the challenges. This is especially true for later on in Hero Up when the challenges get more complex.

Your First Challenge is Easiest- The Daily Bugle is your first challenge and in this you will basically need to just get to the top of the Daily Bugle building. This is north of the Prize Wheel and you will need to either fly there using your glowing green circle or using the lower level door can also work. For this challenge, if you make it up there, you will get 25 silver and there will be a “challenge complete” icon pop up letting you know you finished it successfully. You will always get the “challenge complete” icon after you successfully finish each challenge.

The Challenges Get Harder– Your second challenge is the “Let’s Go Shopping!” challenge which is still pretty easy since all you do is basically just familiarize yourself with the shop and the hot tabs. For this challenge, you do not need to buy anything or do anything, but you get 5 tickets out of the deal. It is important to know that once you get past this challenge, it becomes harder and more tricky. The third challenge requires you to complete various missions but only once and you have to go through the menus and look for this or that.

While the challenges get harder after the second and third ones, there is some good news about that which is that you get better rewards. Since these challenges increase in complexity and intensity, you will be rewarded with better currency such as gold. You also have the chance to earn free items and other needed essentials by completing these more difficult challenges.

Some Challenges Require Certain Characters– In Hero Up, you also need to know that while you are completing the challenges they might require you to use a certain hero. This means that if you do not have this hero leveled up already, you will have a harder time completing the quest. Make sure that you know which character you need to use for each of these challenges because it will be harder if not impossible to successfully complete it if you are using the wrong hero. Level up your heros as quick as you can so that you can beat the challenges in as few tries as possible.



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