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Increase Cell Signal in Your Apartment or Home in 2018 – Quick Guide

In today’s world, our cell phone has been our portal to literally everywhere, we can use it to talk with people, read works, and listen to music or news, all around the world. It has grown to be an essential tool to our everyday lives. We can take it everywhere, in our car, to our workplace, in the public bathroom. The connection from our phone to the provider varies. This is especially true in the comfort of our own home. Outside, we could connect to anywhere, but inside, where we can lounge around in the comfort of our own pajamas and not be judged by the wandering eyeballs of passer byers, and that is where it is most important. Unfortunately, this is where that connection suffers. Here are some ways that you could improve your cell phone signal in your house or apartment in 2017.

How Does Cell Signal Get Interrupted

fix-my-3g-inside-houseFirst, let us identify the ways that our precious cellular data can be interrupted. The two main factors are your distance from a cell tower, and anything that could be causing interference to the signal. Neither of these issues can be tackled if you’re not willing to move closer or past a hill/mountain. Therefore, these methods below will affect how your signal is being transported to you, or even using a completely different medium entirely.


But before we dabble into methods of improving your signal, let’s clarify the difference between 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE. These don’t increase the strength of your signal in the way that we want to improve. The G, or generation, stand for how fast the connection is, 1G being slower while the 4G LTE is the fastest. That’s all the generation signifies, it is the speed in which the data is offered, not the strength of the signal itself, so do not upgrade to a newer generation simply thinking that it will boost your signal strength.

Increase Cell Signal with Signal Booster

So the first method of giving your cell phone signal a boost is to use a signal booster. This is a simple antenna that amplifies the signal that it does receive. Once it amplifies this signal, it then broadcasts it out an area which the reception is needed. Not only does this amplify the signal coming into your phone, but the one going out, strengthening that two-way connection. However, there are only specific carries that signal boosters can amplify AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. You would need to research specific signal boosters that increase-cell-signal-in-house-freewould support your carrier. Of course, you could always use an omnidirectional antenna that would receive signals from all directions, but if you were to use an antenna that was specific to a carrier, than you would have a much stronger signal. This method would be beneficial as you do not have to switch carriers, but it may be difficult to install and find the correct signal boosters for your cellular device.

There are a variety of great signal boosters available but we recommend the Wilson Electronics DT. You can currently get it at Amazon with a huge discount automatically applied by following this link. 

Switch Cell Service to Increase Signal

The second option is to simply switch cellular carriers. Provided that you are not in a contract, you could switch to a carrier that provides a better signal to your area. The only issue that one could face with this method is the cost. Most contracts are multi-year and cost quite a bit to break. But if you were to be able to, or did not have a contract at all, then this is definitely an option to consider if you were willing to research which carriers provided a stronger signal in your area.

Use Microcell to Increase Internet Speed

 unlock-cell-phone-3g-signal-in-house-apartmentThe last option is similar to the signal booster in the way that you do not have to directly differ from your provider. A femtocell, or a microcell, can be connected to your broadband internet connection. Instead of using cellular data, it routes all of your calls through the internet than using a cell tower. These are very useful and are quite easy to install, however, they require a fast and steady internet connection, an authorized area, and a carrier’s requisites to be met. You can see all the microcells currently available at by clicking here.

Hopefully, with these suggestions, you can solve your cellular signal issues. Be sure to find one that correctly fits your situation, both in location and in cost. After all, these are meant better your life. Once you have found a method that you enjoy, kick back with your cellular device and use it for whatever you please.'
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