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Natural Alternatives to Proactiv – Cure Acne Fast At Home in 2017

Created by two students attending Stanford University’s School of Medicine in 1994, Kathy Fields and Katie Rodan Proactive has since become the go to solution for most acne and skin treatment. Coming in a variety of kits which incorporate toner, cleanser, and different treatment the product is paid for on a monthly subscription basis and while it has proven to be an effective skincare solution the product is also criticized for working just as well as other alternative, cheaper, methods.

Worse reactions have been known to occur for such an expensive product such as stinging and itching. This is due to the primary ingredient Benzoyl Peroxide which, while successfully cleaning the skin, can cause irritation and can even worsen acne in some cases. If Benzoyl Peroxide is applied to the skin it should only be used rarely if ever due to these various harmful side effects. While many people who continuously use Proactiv can see success in healthy skin the effects can vary between each individual. Everyone is a little bit different after all. If you are different or if you’re just looking for a more natural option then it may prove beneficial to employ the use of alternative solutions.

Coconut Oil Vs Proactiv

natural-alternatives-to-proactiv-coconutStraight from the rich white lining of the coconut lining coconut extract is just something there’s always a use for, the oil can be seriously versatile and not just for cooking, the body will love it too! It’s good for the scalp, it’s good for reducing hair frizz and split ends, and it’s certainly great for the skin. Applying this oil to the skin can work wonders. It can keep clean out pores while not clogging them itself, and it can keep the skin fully moisturized. This results in healthy smooth skin that feels good and looks good. Any form of the oil will work however, extra virgin, and all natural options have been known to work better. The reason coconut oil is such a great option is because of its naturally cleansing properties, such as lauric acid which functions as an antibacterial substance which when applied to the skin will kill any bacteria much like soap and other cleaning supplies. Only a small amount of the oil is necessary to effectively replenish skin and should be used sparingly at best. Applying directly to the skin with either a clean cloth or through a swab of cotton will be enough to work the oil into the skin. Be sure to remove any makeup before application as the oil will most likely be sucked into the product and this will resulting effects will be diminished. After the oil is applied it is quite alright to apply any makeup.

Apple Cider Vinegar as an Acne Remedy vs. Proactiv

natural-alternatives-to-proactiv-apple-cider-vinegarAnother very common and versatile cleaning product is Vinegar, specifically Apple Cider Vinegar. Vinegar is great for use around the house to clear drains, clean counters, and even as a powerful pest repellant, but it also makes for yet another great natural skin care product. Aside from being relatively cheap, Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the most thorough options when it comes to clearing up acne. The Vinegar will not only keep acne from sprouting up but it will also heal any present acne within 24 hours, even lessening or removing acne scars. Simply start by mixing the vinegar with water. The batch made should consist of 2 cups of water for every single cup of vinegar. After this dip a cotton swab or the like into the solution and apply the liquid to region of skin desired. The smell will most likely be unpleasant to inhale though this will clear up shortly after the solution dries. Once the solution has soaked into the skin the task is complete. To achieve even greater results a small amount of vinegar may also be ingested. This will cause the body to cleanse itself on a chemical level leaving skin acne free. Any singers out there will also be pleased to know that vinegar is also great for preventing vocal cord damage. Just drink a small amount, roughly 2 tablespoons of vinegar every day to start feeling its great effects.

Can Honey Cure Acne


natural-alternatives-to-proactiv-honeyHoney has often been referred to as another ‘holy grail’ of skincare which also uses its natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents to cleanse skin. The honey used should always be completely natural and unaltered.

Be sure that the bottle either states that the honey is either, raw, organic, or natural to avoid any sticky situations. As with other solutions be sure that the face is cleansed and make up has been cleared away to prevent any decrease in the effectiveness of the honey. Similar to other methods a cotton swab or cloth can be used after the honey has been poured onto it. Once the swab or something similar is prepared just work the honey into the skin. Afterwards just rinse and enjoy the immediate hydrating effects the honey has on the skin. This process should be repeated 2-3 times a week to achieve the best results.

Lifestyle Choices to Stop Acne instead of Medication Like Proactiv

While there is a variety of different medications and the like designed to heal acne and prevent it simple changes in diet and hygiene can result in healthier skin just as well. Keeping unnecessary oils away from the face is a great start. Natural and unnatural oils frequently build up in hair and when that hair comes into contact with the face it becomes an easy recipe for acne. Another big source of that unwanted oil is always at our hands and fingertips, avoid touching the face as much as possible. We’re all guilty of popping pimples with our fingers but this will frequently just make things worse and leave the wound infected or cause scarring. Makeup should also be used as little as possible as it clogs pores making it a common cause of acne, be sure wash any makeup that is used off as soon as possible.

Washing the face in general is a good habit to start. Just using warm water and preferably liquid soap once or twice a day works wonders. This washes away any impurities, oil, and dead skin, leaving the skin renewed and clean. Fitness is also has a massive impact on the skin. The whole body always benefits from exercise and that includes the skin just make sure that any clothing that is worn doesn’t rub the skin as this could just as well cause irritation. Just like exercising is always beneficial so is having a healthy diet. Greasy foods are a big threat to that perfect skin but eating juicy fruits, grains, and veggies will make the whole body feel great and look great.'
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