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Natural & Holistic Alternatives to Adderall – ADHD Cures & Narcolepsy Remedies

Adderall is a drug that allows you to focus, and some say, become yourself. But is it really being yourself if you need to have a drug to sustain your personality? Think about it. How natural is it to depend on a drug that many Americans are addicted to? And how natural is it to carry on going through life always needing to be on it?

The thing is, there are plenty of Adderall alternatives out there, without needing a doctor to handle your prescription for you, or expose yourself to yet more chemical substitutes.

Using the below tips will also help you to prevent the horrors of becoming addicted on Adderall. If you think your attention span bad is now, it will be even worse if you start taking Adderall and you start trying to come off of it. You may also find yourself having vivid night terrors, anxiety attacks, and in the worst case, even suffer from psychosis.

By using natural alternatives, such as the below, you an prevent yourself from becoming addicted to any substance. It is also a lot better to use your own body, or mother nature, to help cure any of your ailments. If you start using the techniques below, you will start feeling like a healthier, better you in no time.

Adderall Alternatives – Caffeine

natural-alternatives-to-adderall-coffee-2Used in sitcoms to show when someone is jittery or can’t concentrate, caffeine is actually a very natural stimulant that can help you to keep focus. In fact, users of Adderall who are coming off of the drug heavily recommend drinking coffee to help to get over the initial withdrawal symptoms.

You don’t even need to buy refined coffee to be able to get a caffeine fix. Black tea is a very natural way of getting a small fix, as is green tea. Both of these teas are rich in natural antitoxins, meaning that your body can also start repairing any damage from taking unnatural drugs.

Bitter Orange instead of Adderall

This natural stimulant can help give you concentration because of the syneprhine in it. This natural pick me up can even be better than caffeine, as it can keep your mind clear and focused all day, whereas with caffeine you may find yourself returning to it time and time again to keep your energy levels up.

Just simply eating a bit of Blood Orange at breakfast gives you a very natural alternative to taking an Adderall pill in the morning.

You can even make your own healthy, Adderal beating, fruit juice out of Blood Orange and a dash of lime for flavor. Just sip on this during your morning commute to work and you will be able to function perfectly fine without the aid of unnatural chemicals like Adderall.

Train Yourself instead of using Adderall Pills

Wandering attention is one of the main reasons that people start taking Adderall. One way to cure this is to start organizing yourself, and there are plenty of natural life hacks which will allow you to remain in focus at all times.

Start making to-do lists of the next day before you go to sleep. Then, when you wake up, tell yourself you will not get anything else done until you mark off everything as complete.

Try focusing on the ten minute rule. This says that one way to do any task is to just tell yourself that you will only spend ten minutes on it, and after that, you can take a break. What actually happens is you start getting involved in the task and go over the time you have set your self.

Take More Zinc and Get Off Adderall

natural-alternatives-to-adderall-pills-1Zinc is a vital component in the regeneration of both brain tissue and neurons. By taking some zinc, you can help your body focus by providing it with much needed energy. Furthermore, zinc helps to promote the regeneration of all cells, including those in the brain. This natural mineral also helps to remove any harmful metals in the brain (which can come in easily through unnatural foods), helping your brain to repair damage (which is especially important if you are seeking natural alternatives to Adderall due to already being addicted to it).

It is easy to get more zinc into your body, without having to take any supplements. In fact, one of the foods highest in zinc is a real treat. Oysters! Allow yourself to feel like a king or queen once a day and eat an Oyster, and you will quickly replenish your natural zinc levels.

If you are a vegan, another great food to eat is wheat germ. This can be found in many cereals at your local Whole Foods; just look at the label and make sure the wheat that you buy is toasted. By taking some wheat germ enriched muesli for breakfast daily, you can cure your overactive mind and help to naturally get rid of Adderall.

More Sleep Will Make You Feel Better Than Adderall

One thing that may be preventing you from being able to focus on tasks is simply getting enough sleep. By making sure that you are getting your needed eight hours of sleep a night, you can wake up ready to take on every task instead of being distracted. This is one simple and natural alternative to taking Adderall.

If you have problems getting to sleep, try burning some lavender oil in your bedroom. This herb has been shown to help to promote relaxation as well as help you drift off into a nice, calm deep sleep.

Turn Off – Relax

Is it any surprise that the increase of people suffering from ADHD, and needing Adderall, has happened when we’ve started getting televisions, computers, mobile phones, tablets, watch computers, etc? We live in a society where it is very easy to get distracted from the task at hand, with a thousand and one different screens all trying to get our attention.

As part of natural body hygiene, you should make sure to turn everything off, yes including your phone, for half an hour a day and focus on just one task, even if that be reading a book, doing some knitting, or simply throwing a ball in the air and catching it.

This natural alternative for Adderall helps to naturally train your mind into following only one area of thought at a time, thus preventing you from ever needing to touch the drug again.

Ginseng Tea Instead of Adderall

From China, Ginseng has often been said to give a kick start to healthy and normal brain functions.

Drinking a few glasses of Ginseng tea a day can also help you increase your energy levels, without caffeine (which might be useful if you can’t take drink caffeine for diet or personal reasons).

Not only can this natural substitute for Adderall really help you with your mind, but it can also benefit your life in other ways. Ginseng has been said to also help to fight off colds and flus. Pretty good for just one drink.

Combine Multiple Treatments for Total Effectiveness

natural-alternatives-to-adderall-seafood-mussels-3Of course, one of the best ways to make sure that these treatments take effect is to do as many of them as possible. For article, don’t just settle for drinking green tea, make sure you get enough sleep as well.

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Before taking any of the advice in this article, you should talk to your doctor, especially if you are already on Adderall. He may be able to refer you to support groups for help in getting over your Adderall addiction.

By following all of this advice, not only are you making sure that you naturally cure the reasons you need to take (or are considering taking) Adderall, but you are providing yourself with a lifestyle that will prevent you from needing any kind of unnatural substance. Now, isn’t that something to focus on?'
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  1. I’m so glad that I’ve found these remedies for Narcolepsy. More sleep, sounds too easy but sooo logical. With your advice, I can finally dump my prescriptions and cure my Narcolepsy!

    • More sleep! Of course! why didn’t our sleep doctor tell our narcoleptic that! This article wasn’t clear – is it green or black tea that will replace the missing hypocretin destroyed by the immune system?

  2. I always advice other people with narcolepsy that a nap is always better than any stimulant. Although I do understand it depends on your personal circumstances if you have the luxury to be able to take a nap. Kind of dificult to do that at your job.

  3. or one can always try modafinil.. its much safer and has no long-term effects.

    where to buy? online. Google ‘duckdose’.


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