“Shenmue 3” Kickstarter Rewards Not Available for Paypal Backers

Kickstarter rewards are not going to be coming for the backers of “Shenmue 3” according to a blog post by developer Ys Net. This news is coming from the results of two different polls that were conducted in December by Ys Net, which asked whether or not Post-Kickstarter Paypal backers should get the same rewards as the Kickstarter backers.

“Shenmue 3” Kickstarter Details and Polls

“Shenmue 3” is the upcoming open-world video game that is slated to be released in December 2017 for Microsoft Windows and Playstation 4. This game is still quite a ways away from being for sale, but controversy has already been brewing as Ys Net released a blog post stating that in fact that the Post-Kickstarter backers will not be getting these Kickstarter exclusives and rewards because it claims that is what the public voted. The studio saif that there was a promise of exclusivity in terms of the rewards but after being asked several times, Ys Net figured the best way to make a decision was let those involved have a say.

There were two different polls setup for this question, with one being just for the Kickstarter backers and the other was posted publicly on Twitter for all people to have a vote. There is a problem though because Ys Net said that there was a “strong response” for people who believed that the Exclusive Rewards should remain just for those who supported the Kickstarter campaign, therefore the company said those rewards will not be made available on the PayPal page in a new announcement on the Kickstarter campaign.


The first issue that has people fired up is that those Exclusive Rewards were promised to people on the PayPal page, which means Ys Net is going back on their word and breaking a promise. The next issue is that the “strong response” the company claims from the polls actually did not happen at all and basically was untruthful when you look at the two polls conducted about the Kickstarter Exclusive Rewards. There were 15,110 Kickstarter backers who responded out of 68,553 who were eligible. Only 4009 out of the 15,110 said that the Exclusive Rewards should remain only for the Kickstarter backers. 4,670 people voted in the poll to extend these Kickstarter Exclusive Rewards to the Paypal backers, which is more than who were against it. Then there was 6,432 respondents who said “either way is fine with me.”

The public poll was also posted on December 3, which showed two-thirds supported the move to extend the rewards to the Paypal backers. This was out of a total of 2121 respondents to the poll question through Twitter, and only 17 people said they were against extending the Exclusive Rewards to the Paypal backers. Therefore, when Ys Net said “strong response” for keeping the rewards exclusive for the Kickstarter backers, the two polls do not show that at all, and in fact show a “strong response” in favor of extending out the rewards for the Paypal backers.

The ironic thing is that Ys Net then posted they were hopeful everyone would “continue to let their voices be heard” in terms of as the project moves forward. Interestingly enough, the people did try to let their voices be heard in these two polls, and it seems the company simply chose to ignore that when they falsely said there was a “strong response” to keep the rewards for the Kickstarter backers only.

This is a huge issue when it comes to Kickstarter, because even though people think they are being heard and listened to, this Kickstarter flub shows again that the company behind a Kickstarter campaign really does not seem interested in what the people say. It is not known if Ys Net will respond to the outcry of backers who are trying to show the company that the polls it conducted showed overwhelming support for extending the rewards. It is also not known if the PayPal backers will try to bring any action against Ys Net for breaking a promise, then claiming it was the polls that led to the decision when the polls show the opposite.

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