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The Division Beta – Tips and Tricks

The Division beta arrived to PC, Xbox One and PS4 a few days ago and some gamers are still learning about the weapons and areas featured in this preview. The Division takes from other shooters but also brings a lot of new features.

The beta will be up for one more day but here we have a few tips and tricks for the game.


You’re going to need the best weapons to face the competition, so make sure you equip the best loadout. You can carry a primary, secondary and sidearm weapon. They all have different stats and some feature special bonuses.

Take Cover

Don’t run around, this game is not about who gets the most kills. When you see an enemy, find a good cover position before you fire. In this game, enemies can take a lot of hits, which means that they will have the chance to fire back. Take cover and increase your chances of winning a battle.


The Division features a number of abilities and skills that can boost your weapon damage or overall health. The game will add more skill slots as you progress, so keep playing and unlocking these useful options.


Tom Clancy's The DivisionThis game can be played alone but it is much easier when you have a team watching your back. The Division gives you two options for this, you can approach another player in the area to join them or ask your friends to join you. You also need a microphone to communicate, but you can always use a set of emotes when you don’t feel like talking or there is too much noise in your room.

Take Everything

The Division is set in a city where there are little items left, so grab anything you see. Downed enemies can drop loot, so make sure you search. If you’re full on an item, use it and grab the one you just found.


The city has three types of vendors and they all offer different items. The location determines the type of items they have for sale. The vendors can be found in your base, safe houses and checkpoints.

Extracting Items

The items you find in the Dark Zone are contaminated and you need to extract them before you can get something out of them. Yes, it is not that easy. You have to go to an extraction point and use a flare to call in a helicopter. The call triggers a 90 second countdown and all players nearby are told about it. The best option is to run and hide because standing there will make you an easy target. The helicopter will arrive after the countdown ends and if you get to it, all items will be sent to your base.

That’s all, remember that the beta will end soon but the full game will be released on March 8.

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