Is The New Top Gear Facing a Few Problems?

Top Gear was one of the best series around the world when its three hosts left the show. They quickly found a new home and are currently working on a show that promises to bring some of the things we saw in Top Gear plus new ideas. Top Gear is also coming back, but it’s not easy to do everything again after losing three great hosts. There are new reports from the set saying that the series is off to a not so good start. Chris Evans, who recently joined as the host, seems to be just a small part of the problem.

Chris Evans has been working on many things for a while now. The presenter and radio host recently mentioned that he worked over a day straight between the three things he is doing. One of the things he was working on recently ended and the media suggested that the company told him to focus more on the show. Top GearNo one knows if that’s true but Evans has been busy with several jobs for a while now. Some are even reporting that the production is not going well.

Recent Report

A recent report from The Sun also says the star host crashed a car during his first day of filming, which isn’t a big problem since this happened a few times in the past, but the new car happened to be lent to the show. Accidents happen all the time but could this mean he is not focusing 100 percent on the show since he is so busy with many other things?

It won’t be easy to replace the hosts as they turned the series into one of the most popular around the world. Part of the team that worked with the three hosts is also gone from the series. The problems don’t end there, the company is also dealing with a lawsuit involving the incident between Clarkson and the producer he hit. As many of us know by now, this led to the suspension and news that the popular host would not be back after his contract ended. The two other hosts followed and then agreed to a deal for a new car show a few weeks later.

Coming Soon

The changes and all the new things that the show is going through have brought a number of problems, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to fail. Yes, it won’t be easy having the same success without the three hosts, but we have not seen the new episodes. If Top Gear manages to bring back the audience that once watched the popular show, things could be easy.

The new series is planned to air in May 2016 and currently has Chris Evans as one of the new hosts. There have been a number of reports saying that the host will be joined by other names, but none have been confirmed.

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