Periscope Tips to Follow Before Broadcasting

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Periscope is basically a website where you can broadcast right from wherever you are, and people can tune in to watch live-streams from you and from people all over the world. This live-streaming platform allows users to connect with one another and see parts of the world they never thought possible, and it has gained more than 10 million users since last year. If you are thinking about getting into the Periscope scene and broadcasting yourself, there are some Periscope tips that might help you become more successful on this platform.

Periscope Tips to Follow for Success

Create a Good Profile– Much like other websites, your profile allows people to see who you are and what you do. When you setup your profile you really want to include your URL or website in your bio on your profile, as this is the only link that you will be able to display through Periscope. If you find someone you like to watch on Periscope, then naturally you will want to see what else they do or what their website looks like, and it is hard to do if there is no website link within their profile. Think of it this way, if someone wants to know more about you or the work you do, your profile is the only way they can get this information on Periscope. Another tip when doing this is to use a link because you can easily say on your broadcast to follow that link.


Having a Niche Helps- Periscope has millions of users and everyone has something to do or say, so before you begin broadcasting think about how you can stand out from the crowd. In terms of Periscope tips, this is very useful. Do you have a niche that people could learn tricks and tips about? Maybe you know a lot about putting on makeup or doing various sewing patterns or maybe you know a lot about cars or how to modify products for a specific need. If you want to gain a lot of traction on Periscope, think about how you could engage other people and attract them to your broadcast, and it could even be a hobby you like to do that you could share with other people. While you do not have to have a special skill or hobby to use Periscope, being unique and creative with what you share helps you find an audience.

Watch Some Broadcasters Before Starting- It is a good idea that before you dive right into Periscope that you watch some broadcasters to see how it all works, and this one of the best Periscope tips out there. You might want to know how the platform itself works or how people communicate in the chat, and of course what the emoji and hearts all mean. No matter what you do in life, whether it is Periscope for fun or a job, it is never good just to dive in without knowing a little bit about how it works and what is expected out of you. Checking broadcasters out beforehand allows you some time to plan how you want your broadcast to go, whether you want to do things this way or that way, and gives you a glimpse into how it all really works.

Title Your Broadcast To Attract Fans– Another one of the Periscope tips to follow is to have a unique and interesting title for your broadcast as this helps Periscope viewers decide if they want to check out your live-streaming show. Don’t just say “Joe Smith from California” on your title, make it something that people would want to click or make it even a little mysterious. You can add in the types of things you will talk about on your broadcast or what you want to share with people, and make it catchy so that people are intrigued. Think of the title of your broadcast as the only thing people will see about you, and give them something to talk about or something to question.