What Happened To Susan Boyle – Recent Update for 2018

Susan Boyle

Taking to the stage in a federal reserve beige, paisley dress, and a wry smile, Susan Boyle shocked the world with her incongruous performance on “Britain’s Got Talent”. Gaining the nickname “The Woman Who Silenced Simon Cowell”, her overnight fame overwhelmed the then 47-year-old singer. She had a minor breakdown shortly after rising to fame, but has since turned it around, so what is she up to these days?

Susan Boyle’s Early Life

Susan BoyleSusan Boyle was born on April 1st, 1961 in Blackburn, Scotland. Her parents, Irish migrants Patrick and Bridget Boyle, were a miner and shorthand typist respectively. She was born the youngest of eight children and suffered birthing complications, being deprived of oxygen for a short time. This led to a misdiagnosis of brain damage. A more recent analysis from doctors has revealed that Susan Boyle suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, a developmental disorder on the autistic spectrum. The diagnosis would explain her musical focus and her lack of close personal relationships.

The town of Blackburn isn’t exactly known for music, and school was no real refuge for the young Susan Boyle. Kids can smell difference and she was mercilessly mocked by her peers for her perceived simple-mindedness. She left school with few qualifications, but was undeterred and redoubled her efforts in mastering her voice. She would spend her free time practicing and seeing the occasional show to listen to professional singers. She saw Les Misérables for the first time shortly after leaving school and she fell in love with the song that would make her famous, I Dreamed a Dream.

In 1995 she auditioned for the Michael Barrymore talent show “My Kind of People”. Her performance never made it to television, but I was able to find candid footage of the event. She sang as well as you would imagine, but the event was marred by the audience’s jeers and Barrymore’s juvenile antics, at one point laying on the floor and attempting to see up her skirt, at this point Barrymore was still in the closet. It’s a sad thing to think that she could have seen recognition for her talents much sooner.

She lost her father in 1997 and had to put her dreams of stardom on hold to look after her mother. Bridget, her mother, was her biggest fan though, and it was her that encourage Susan Boyle to get back out there and take part in competitions and Karaoke again. She cut a demo tape in 1999 and sent it to record labels and radio shows. Unfortunately, she was hit with another tragedy in 2000 when her sister Kathleen died of an Asthma attack. She took the loss hard and threw her emotions into her music.

She started singing lessons in 2002, with voice coach Fred O’Neil. That year she appeared in numerous benefits and local shows. She was hit with a final tragedy in 2007 when her mother passed away. Unlike with her sister’s death, which made her refocus, her mother’s death drove Susan Boyle into a hermitage. She didn’t sing for nearly two years and spent her time seeing to elderly neighbors and her local church. In 2008 her singing coach convinced her to try out for “Britain’s Got Talent” and in 2009 she did.

Susan Boyle international Star

Susan Boyle’s studio quality voiced juxtaposed with her homely looks flabbergasted the cynical audience, she received a standing ovation before hitting her first crescendo. She made it to second place in the competition overall, losing to the dance troupe Diversity in the final. There were accusations of online voting fraud at the time, and considering how easy it is to set up a voting script there may well be truth to the claims. Her début album was released in 2009, called I Dreamed A Dream, It sold extremely well, topping the charts in both the UK and the USA. The following year she released a Christmas album. She held a small competition before the release of the Christmas record, The Gift, the winner of which got to perform a duet with her on the album.

She released her third album in 2011, Someone to Watch Over Me, which again hit the number 1 spot in the UK. Another album followed in 2012, though it did not sell quite as well. She made her acting début in 2013 as Eleanor Hopewell in “The Christmas Candle”. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Max Locado. Set in the 19th century English village of Cotswolds, about the simple townsfolk in need of a miracle. Susan Boyle said at the time;

“I can’t believe I’m making a film. I’m very excited to be a part of The Christmas Candle. Everyone on set is a delight to work with and it’s a fantastic experience to be part of the team.”

Susan BoyleShe sang an original song for the film, Miracle Hymn, which was featured in her fifth album Home For Christmas.

What is Susan Boyle Doing Now in 2018?

Susan Boyle has had a musical based on her life made, opening in 2012 it received positive reviews and went on to tour the UK and Ireland. Fox Searchlight has since purchased the film rights and it is in pre-production.

Her last album was released in 2014, with nothing appearing from the singer at all in 2015. Seems she took a year out to actually enjoy her new-found fame, showing up at various venues and festivals to just have a good time. I’m glad to see it. Her holding companies have drawn in a combined $3.5 million dollars, showing the Susan Boyle brand is still a hot commodity. She has begun dating for the first time in her life, seeing a man close to her own age. It is confirmed that Susan Boyle is back in the studio recording new material, set for release at the beginning of 2017, though that is now in jeopardy.

Simon Cowell resigned the singer to his label for a multi-album deal, despite the lackluster performance of her November release. She has failed to have a charting single for over 4 years now, and she cites her worsening Asperger’s Syndrome as the reason behind her lack of touring. She has seen much success from her company holdings, with them posting a 2.2 million pound profit this past week. At the very least she is set for life.

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  1. I love watching her on utube- see her transform a crown- delighted by her success- she deserves it! All the best Susan.

  2. So happy that Susan has through her faith been able to overcome all of the obstacles that would have made other’s lose it all. She has come through and we are all looking forward to hearing her new CD at the end of this year., not too long now. She deserves the success., she is a very talented woman with respect for the Industry., she is also not a bad actress as well. But, her voice is the crowning jewel. Keep on singing Susan, we will listen..thanks for the memories already., knowing that there are more to come..Blessing for you always.
    Bob and Lloyd Peacock
    Vancouver, B.C.

  3. I go back and watch that first audition quite often. It still gives me goosebumps. I love it. I hope Susan continues to sing, I can’t wait until the next one is released.

  4. She’s kinda dumb looking in the face.. . her squinty eyes have that downs syndrome look to em.. But I guess her voice is OK. She’s no Robert Plant (or even cartman from South Park for that matter) but the fact that she looks so damn goony-goo-goo dumb is enough reason to watch and get a good laugh. For that reason I don’t have much use for her CD. Release a DVD with her looking straight up like Corky (from ‘life goes on’) while singing show tunes (or even advert jingles) and I’m sold. Lotsa laughs with yer mates whilst pissed. Right?!

    • Mean people don’t even realize they are mean, I guess. Detroitrockcity, is one such person. Happiness will elude you, I can see. You will, no doubt, continue to try to make yourself feel better by belittling others…so sad…probably not enough hugs when you were a kid.

      • It’s a joke… Let some joy and laughter into your life and maybe misery won’t be the prevailing theme of your post. PS. I’ve found happiness beyond my wildest dreams…which I credit, no doubt, to lots of hugs as a child.

        • Weird sense of humour if you think that a joke! If you heard or read the same comments about you, would you still think it funny?

        • It’s NOT a joke! It IS NOT funny. Your ” I’ve found happiness beyond my wildest dreams” doubt that… you on some hallucinogenic?

        • That is not a joke, it is not funny, it has no compassion or feeling for how others might feel by such mean spirited words. Would you have the knackers to say it to her face, Mr. Bully? In public?

        • It’s funny when jerks are called out for being jerks and they try to justify it by saying “It’s a joke” The only joke is the jerk, because you’re the one we’re laughing at.

          • Not obama. I knew he was a failure from the beginning. His will be the legacy of a loser.

          • Well, I have agreed, until now, on all the positive posts about Susan. But, now, you have made the hair stand up on my neck. Yes, I did vote for Hillary and I am one of the most compassionate persons you will ever meet. Regardless of any physical or mental issues she has, she is truly a beautiful spirit with a beautiful voice.

          • The hair standing up on the back of your neck is not a good thing at all. You should try and do something about that. Maybe some gel to slick it down with. If that fails I recommend shaving it. Kinda like the long hairs growing out of Susan Boyles facial moles. Nothing nice.

          • Nope… Just Hillary because I’m evil like her. I support murdering unborn babies (abortion), theft (income redistribution), driving down native wages, bankrupting our social safety net, and eroding our western culture and values (open borders, unchecked immigration) using the power of government to force people to buy the consumer product (not a right listed in the constitution) that is health insurance, and last but not least separating Americans based on imaginary lines of identity politics. All these evil traits of the Democrat party I support and Hillary too. Oh and Susan Boyle still looks like a retard. Lol

    • It’s a well known fact that people that make fun of others, do do to make themselves feel better. You must feel better than anyone on earth. You are rude, unkind and simply put, a jackass. All those hugs you got as a child should have been closer and tighter around your neck. Let laughter into our lives? Most people do not require laughter at the expense of others. You really are sick.

      • Sheila Mattox, I don’t blame you for being annoyed!!! ..and anyone that accomplishes they’re biggest dream getting through all Susan Boyle has, deserves the best of praise., good thoughts, love and Prayer ✞, I’m wishing her goodness and the very best in her life, and our Lord’s*✞ greatest Blessing’s*✞ ..It sure isn’t a kind, decent person that talks of anyone like that., or that has learned his or her lessons in life. Beware, our Lord*✞ our God*✞ takes Note of All and Every Dark Thought, Threat, Gossip, Plot, Action, Lie and Pain caused against others ✞ and defends His*✞ people ✞

    • Where did you get your medical degree that allows you to diagnose someone based on a photograph?

      • A attended Johns Hopkins new photographic retardation diagnosis program. Real cutting edge stuff. The board of regents are considering unofficially naming the process “the Boyle technique”.

      • Sorry it took 5 months to reply, I wanted to wait until I was fully emotionally developed so as to present a proper emotional response…. So here goes… Piss off!

        • you are welcome. Do continue with another 5 months of proper treatment , you might get there. Good luck to you, imitation practitioner .

    • What do you do in life unplug toilets? How much money do you have in the bank? This lady has more talent than 5 of you put together, but hells bells, you would not even understand that because you are the one that has a loose screw. When you can get up in front of a million plus people and have the whole world going gaga over you after an amazing performance please come back.

    • Shame, shame on you! You are a very ugly person. I feel very sorry for anyone who knows you. She is a beautiful person, you should take a lesson or two from her and have a good answer when god asks you about it.

      • Yes… Shame on me. I feel so bad. I wish she didn’t look so damn dumb in the face so that just maybe I wouldn’t have noticed and commented. For shame.

  5. A beautiful voice, there were rumors she had passed away. Glad she is well. Good that she is having a real life & apparently the notoriety has not got to her head. Bless her.

  6. Well, you are truly a horrendous, mean spirited person. To say such ugly, ugly, ugly…..did I say UGLY? things about a sweet, beautiful person who has God in her heart & life, is SHOCKING! Your comments made me sad for Susan. I hope she never sees the evil things you said. God protects his “attacked children.”…..”Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.”…….So, watch out, because any day now, could be the day God decides, you need to change & probably through some sort of disfiguring accident. You WILL be taught a big lesson some day. You may want to stay in for awhile……I don’t know……possibly read a bible. Send someone out to get you a bible, if you even have friends, because; remember, you may be in for a rough road ahead if you step outside.