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Wizard101 Glitches You Need to Know

Wizard101 is an MMORPG where you play the role of a student of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In Wizard101 you have to try to save the universe, which in Wizard101 is Spiral. There are a ton of aspects to this game so it is good to some of the basics to get started in this game. In Wizard101 there are also a ton of glitches in the game that can help you and can make this game even more fun and interesting.

If you are planning on playing Wizard101, after you get through the basics, you might want to check out our glitches that you should know about. These glitches are in the game and some of them might take a few tries in order to get right, but once you do you will have so much fun with them. Continue reading on to learn about some of these glitches that are in Wizard101. They are also tip worthy since they can increase and enhance certain parts of the game.

Wizard101 Glitches To Try

Flying Through Walls– You can fly through the walls in Wizard101 but you cannot be in full screen while attempting this glitch. All you do is run and then click on the “Wizard101” title bar which makes the game freeze for you. Even though it freezes on your end of the game, the other players will see you as going through the wall.

Teleporting Glitch- You can go into a tunnel and then you can teleport backward three steps. You have to keep running though in order to get this teleporting glitch to work.

Floating- When Wizard101 is loading, such as if you are traveling somewhere, just keep hitting the spacebar. Once the game has finished loading and you are at the place to traveled to, you will notice you are floating in the air. The floating glitch can be useful in certain situations within the game itself and the world, but it takes a while to know where to use this glitch at.

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Invisibility- If you want to become invisible in the game, the first thing you need to do is look for a friend on your friend list who is online. Head over to your friends list and then just click on a name, which makes that small menu pop up. You need to hit “go to location” then when asked you need to click “yes.” After you do that you need to press on the “trade” button really quickly, and then you become invisible. The only bad part is that you cannot have your pets invisible so it only works on your character.

Get Crown Items Free- There is also a glitch in Wizard101 where you can get Crown items for free. In order to do this you need to click on the crown item that you want to get for free for 30 minutes to 60 minutes. This takes a long time to do but if it is an expensive crown item and you want to get it for free, it is well worth the 30 minutes to 60 minutes to do it.

Pet Standing in Mid-Air– If you want to try a glitch to put your pet into the middle of the air, you need to first equip your pet. Head on over to the Fire Tower and then take a picture of the dalia falmea. Once you do this you need to run right to the corner and then turn quickly. At this time your pet should be standing there in the middle of the air. The bad part though is that once you move or turn, your pet will immediately fall back down, thus that is why it is a glitch.

Pet Disobey Trick- You can get your pet to disobey you by going into the room called krokotopia. You will notice there are five flights of stairs and then make sure your pet is on the left side of you before you start going up the stairs. Begin going up the first set of stairs and then get very close to the left side on the edge of the stairs. Once you do that if you are near the edge, you will see your pet is still at the very bottom of the stairs.

Speed Glitch- You can do the speed glitch and it is really easy. All you do is just close out your webpage for a few minutes and during this time change your computer time. You want to change your computer time to ahead by two months, so February would turn into April. Open your webpage back up and you will notice the fast glitch which is known as the speed glitch.

Second Invisibility Glitch– There is another invisibility glitch you can do, but you need a friend, a floor brazier and the royal playhouse. You can get the floor brazier from the bazaar in the decoration area and the royal playhouse is at the castle store in the shopping district. Grab your friend and then tell them to teleport while you are just standing inside of the castle. You will then have to trap your friend with the floor brazier and then go inside of the house and teleport yourself over to your friend. You will have to teleport to them a second time. Grab the floor brazier and pick it up, but remember you cannot move this item. At this point you should be invisible.



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