Xiaomi Entering The Drone Market?

Xiaomi is one of the biggest smartphone makers but the company also works on other products. The company is currently working on a few devices and sources say it filed at least two dozen patents last year. The recent moves have many experts thinking that the tech giant could be entering the drone market this year.

A source close to the company revealed that they are planning to enter the drone market this year. Xiaomi, which is one of the biggest smartphone makers in China, would be a strong competitor for the other companies working on this technology. It won’t be easy for them though, they’ll be facing the world’s largest supplier of drones.


Xiaomi Logo StoreThe patents include a range of technology seen on drones. Some of the parts are the remote control, power unit and image recording. One patent revealed that the technology includes a device that can be controlled by hand movement.

Xiaomi is not just good at smartphones, they have a number of products available in China and other countries. TVs, water purifiers and cameras are some of the products the company offers. Xiaomi arrived to the United States a few weeks ago when it released a small camera.

The company is also hiring people to work on their new creation. In December, the company had advertisements for administrative and engineering openings. Experts believe Xiaomi could be a strong competitor as their products are released with great specs and good prices. Affordable drones could be the next big seller for a company that already has a number of products available around the world.

Market and Other Products

One analyst thinks the company will not enter the high end market since they won’t have much competition in the mid to low market. The high end market is dominated by a company that offers drones at around $1,000. Their products are used to take pictures and film.

2016 will be a huge year for the tech giant as they have already said they will release an affordable laptop in the next few months. They are also getting ready to release the Mi 5, which will probably make its debut next month. The CEO of the company has said in the past that the upcoming smartphone is worth waiting for.

Is this a good idea? Should they try the high end market? Is the Mi 5 the company’s biggest release of the year? Let us know in the comments.