Amazon Fire HD 6 Review – Updated for 2018

At $99, Amazon’s Fire HD 6 tablet is just about the cheapest tablet on the market, but don’t let that pricetag fool you.  What you get in return for the reasonable price is a quality device that sets a new standard for low budget tablet solutions.

The Fire HD 6 is the fifth version of the original Fire tablet.  Amazon first launched the Fire in 2011 to compete with Apple’s iPad and offer a low-cost option for customers to access Amazon content.


The operating system is Fire OS 5 Bellini, a customized version of Android Lollipop.  Many elements of the interface will be familiar to users of Google’s OS or Kindle devices.  Navigating the UI is smooth, fun, and intuitive.

In your hand, the Fire HD 6 feels like one of the original Kindle devices: it’s chunky, textured, and has a good weight at 0.63 pounds.  At the same time, the Fire is slightly smaller than the Apple iPad Air 2 and boasts more durability.  While this isn’t the most beautifully designed tablet out there, the HD 6 makes up for it in other ways.  firehd6

You can find the HD 6 in a variety of colors including black, white, magenta, cobalt blue, and citron yellow.  The power key and volume bar is easy to find along the edges.  One drawback: no microSD slot for extra storage.  You can purchase your Fire either with 8GB or 16GB of built-in storage, which is comparable with many other tablet options.  On the back is a 2-megapixel camera that shoots in 1080p.  You can also find a VGA camera with a lower resolution on the front for all your selfie needs.  This tablet is also highly resistant to scratches.  Dropping it off a five-storey building isn’t exactly recommended, but the HD 6 will definitely survive the wear-and-tear of daily life.

The Fire’s display is gorgeous and far superior to the screens of comparable budget tablets.  Whereas the other guys max out around 1024×600, the Fire exhibits a striking 1280×800 resolution.  This makes watching TV shows, browsing photos, and reading books a real visual treat.

The HD 6 is a great asset, but keep in mind its (admittedly few) limitations.  The screen is beautiful, but viewing angles are not ideal.  For instance, it can be difficult to see the screen in bright locations where glare is a very real nuisance.  Most applications on the Fire work like a dream.  However, performance can be sluggish when you’re playing games with demanding visual graphics.

The tablet’s speaker is located in the back and features great sound for watching videos.  While the volume won’t fill a room, it’s hard to be too judgmental considering the Fire is a $99 device.  Grab a pair of headphones when listening to music or watching a movie on the go.

Are you an Amazon Prime member?  Then you’re in luck.  On the Fire, members enjoy access to free TV shows, movies, and games included in a Prime subscription.  Keep in mind the HD 6 only provides access to Amazon’s app store.  This well-rounded app store features most of the apps and games you could find on Google’s Play Store.  Popular favorites include Facebook, Twitter, OneDrive, Spotify, Slacker, and CNN.  And yes, Netflix is available!

Unbeatable price at around $99
User-friendly OS
Beautiful 1280×800 display with reversible camera
11+ hour battery life

Cheap design
Sometimes slow performance during gameplay
Screen glare issues
Low volume speaker


fire hd 6Amazon’s Fire HD 6 is an excellent tablet with real bang for your buck.  The interface allows users to easily navigate across several kinds of engaging applications.  Whether you’re lounging at home, traveling to work, or traveling the world, the Fire is a commendable companion for entertainment, shopping, and staying in touch with friends and family.

Amazon is pushing the boundaries of affordable tablets with the Fire HD 6.  This device is packed with all the features you’ve come to expect in a tablet while remaining a cost-effective solution for home and travel use.  I especially recommend the HD 6 if you want a tablet for your kids. The durability, low cost, and portability make this device a standout.

Right now, you can buy the Fire HD 6 for around $99.  If you join Amazon Prime, you can also enjoy wild bonuses like free on-demand entertainment and better integrated apps.  All this for the price of a night out on the town.

No brainer, right?