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Battle Camp Cheats, Tips, & Tricks – 2018 Update

Do you want to level up as fast as possible and play like a pro? Then sit back, grab a bowl of popcorn or something, and check out this guide with some of the latest Battle Camp 2018 cheats, tips and tricks that will help you get into the top of the ladder.

Get Connected

Connect with your friends on Facebook and use your referral code. You can locate your referral code by tapping “Settings + Me” button. Once the referral code is entered, you’ll get freebies like Darkwolf Piece and an ultimate grab spin for your friends.

Gather Your Troops

battle-camp-cheats-tips-1By connecting with your friends on Facebook, you can create a Troop. Like party, troops are cooperative mode in which you can play with other friends (Rangers) and can contain up to twenty five members. You can do Troop Raids to go against powerful bosses and monsters and by defeating them within the time limit, you’ll be given rewards from the Prize Table (you can check it by tapping  “Possible Prizes” in the Troop Menu).  You and your troops can get experience points to level up by completing missions and donating stones. You can also join other troops by tapping the “Join a Troop” button.

Understanding Monsters

Monsters are companions that you can take when battling creatures and/or other Rangers. They may be given as rewards, obtained in the wild, or via Monster grabs. Each monsters have active or passive skills that will trigger once specific scenarios are met (like teaming them together with identical signs/elements), so it’s best to remember their elemental strengths and weaknesses.

You can evolve your monsters by absorbing up to six monsters. Also, you can fuse your monsters by battle-camp-cheats-tips-2combining two identical monsters into one. Both process will increase your monster’s attributes (you’ll need stones to do this process).

Rare monster hunt begins by fighting monsters inside the camp area; they have a chance to drop a monster piece. Once you’ve obtained all monster pieces for a monster, go to the monster management screen. A countdown will start and when it’s done, you can add that rare monster to your party.

Special Monsters can be found anywhere on the map (like Crumbler, Brainfreeze, Floralbonita, Glohawk, and Cottonsail) and can give two to five times XP bonus when fed to your other monsters. These monsters are also needed for completion of certain goals in the evolution of most monsters.

Salvaging Monsters

If you have too many ordinary monsters, you may tap a monster you wish to salvage, take it to your Troop Hall, and pay the required amount. It will then be converted into essence. You’ll get 1 – 7 essence and 2 -14 if evolved. Salvaged monsters are permanently destroyed so only salvage monsters that you don’t really need or want.

With enough essence, you can craft new monsters, ultra and epic eggs. And by crafting, just tap the crafting tab and swipe screen to select the egg you wish to make.

Advance Rapidly

battle-camp-cheats-tips-3To provide huge amounts of XP bonus to your monsters, level up your ordinary monsters, sacrifice it (five fusions), then fuse your levelled-up ordinary monsters into your rare ones. This will also free up space to hunt for new monsters.


Matching Pieces for the Win

You can match three identical pieces to launch an attack. The more identical gems you can combine or match, the higher the damage output. Matching five identical gems can do area-of-effect damage.

By understanding the elements (Wind, Fire, Leaf, Rock, and Water), you will have an idea if the damage inflicted will be stronger or weaker. So attacking with a strong element gives you a 33% bonus and attacking with weak element reduces your damage to 25%.

These tips will help you identify which element is stronger versus the other:

    • Wind <> Rock (both strong and weak against each other)
    • Water > Fire
    • Leaf > Water
    • Fire > Leaf

Combo on the Run

battle-camp-cheats-tips-4Huge combos can do great amounts of damage to a single monster, so it’s best to target a certain monster for your combo attacks and all of your combos will hit that monster (if you don’t target a monster, your combo attacks will be random).

Doing Quests

Levelling up adds more slots in your monsters inventory, refills your stamina and provides you access to more areas where you encounter monsters to add to your team. A very nice way of getting experience points is by completing quests. By tapping the “Quests” button, you’ll have access to different quests in different locations that you’ve unlocked.  Furthermore, the sun icon gives you the “Daily Quest” access.

Check Events

Events are triggered when you go into certain areas on the map, so it’s best to participate to earn tokens, monster pieces, and trophies that can be traded for prizes for the duration of the event. Keep in mind that events are special quests that lasts for a specific time and it’s much harder than normal quests, so it’s a good idea to have a strong troop to complete it.'
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