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Biggest Moshi Monsters Membership Benefits

Moshi Monsters is a browser-based game for children who are ages 6 to 12, and it is also available on the Nintendo DS. In Moshi Monsters you get to choose from six different virtual pets that are monsters and you get to name and take care of this virtual monster. Each player can customize their pet monster and then walk around Monstro City where you can engage in many challenges, puzzles and games. Beyond playing games and taking challenges, you can personalize your own room and then chat with other players in the game as well.

Even though Moshi Monsters is a free-to-play browser-based game, you can actually become a paid member of the game. The membership allows you to do more activities within the game and also provides you with more fun and entertainment than the non-member version of the game. We are going to tell you what some of the biggest benefits are of the Moshi Monsters membership.

Moshi Monsters Membership Benefits

Become a Super Moshi- If you become a member of Moshi Monsters you can become a Super Moshi. This means that you can get a mask and a cape for your pet monster. You also will be able to turn into a hero because you will have to complete missions in order to try to save the city from many different enemies and threats. As a Super Moshi you will meet a ton of new people, visit a lot of new locations, solve various puzzles and even collect Secret Moshlings.

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Many Friends- As a Moshi Monsters member you can end up becoming really popular and quickly. You will basically be famous in the game and this means you are more likely to become friends with hundreds or thousands of people. You will really like how easily it is to become friends with people compared to if you are just playing the game without being a paid member.

Submit and Show Off Art- A cool part about having a membership is that you will be able to submit your own artwork. You will submit your artwork to the Googenheim Gallery, and if the art is selected you will get to appear in the Googenheim Gallery. You also will have your name appear by your own artwork so everyone will know it is your art, and that is a great way to meet new people and make more friends. Everyone who ends up having their artwork chosen for the Gallery gets a power pallet as a reward.

Many Rooms and House Styles– As a member of Moshi Monsters you also will be able to add extra rooms to your house and you can choose from various housing styles. Whether you want to be in a Skyscraper or have a place in the mountains, you can choose between many houses and locations by becoming a paid member. The extra rooms for your house will also be beneficial and come in handy because you will be able to collect more items and will have plenty of storage for your goodies.

Play in the Games Starcade– The Games Starcade is a play where you can actually purchase video games that you can play that go into your monster’s room. If your friends are over at your house then they also will be able to play the video games purchased from the Games Starcade. Some of the games include Weevil Kneevil’s Downhill Dash, Bug’s Big Bounce, and Octo’s Eco Adventure.

Underground Disco- One fun thing about having a Moshi Monsters membership is that you will be able to get through the bouncer who is at the Underground Disco. You will then enter the Underground Disco and you can earn Rox, which is the game currency, by being at that location. Also you can unlock tracks from various artists such as the Groanas Brothers and Banana Montana.

Head to the Zoo– As a Moshi Monsters member you also can get into the Moshling Zoo, which is an exclusive members-only Zoo. You can collect all of your Moshlings and keep them in the Zoo and you will also have access to the Moshling seeds. These Moshling seeds help attract the super rare Moshlings that no one else besides the members will have the ability to collect. These rare Moshlings are really cute and super awesome, and it will make other people jealous of your collection.

These are just some of the benefits that you will get if you become a Moshi Monsters member. There are several different memberships that you can choose from as well, such as from 30 days to 90 days and even longer. You will find that there are even more exclusives and special offers available for Moshi Monsters members available in the game once you get going.



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