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Bin Weevils Guide: Tips for Making Friends

Bin Weevils is a really fun interactive virtual world for kids where you can play games and chat with friends from all over the world. One of the hardest parts about games like Bin Weevils is learning the best ways to make friends in the game, especially if you are a shy person in general. We are going to talk to you about how you might go about making friends on Bin Weevils. These tips not only will help you make friends, but it will help you have more fun in the game since you will be able to interact and join others for some of the cool activities the game has to offer. If you are looking for some good ways to make friends while in the Bin Weevils virtual world, continue reading to learn about these tried and true tips to help you out.

Tips for Making Friends on Bin Weevils:

Ask Friends of Friends- If you already have a couple of friends on Bin Weevils, one of the easier ways to make friends involves just asking the friends of your friends. You might see that one of your friends is chatting with or playing with someone, so just simply ask them if they want to become friends with you too. It is kind of like in school when you have a friend who is hanging out with other people, after a while you all begin to hang out together and have a bigger group of friends. Once that friend talks to you for a few minutes, they will likely want to be your friend too since you have a mutual friend in common. You can easily begin getting into the conversation with that person through your friend, then ask them to play a game with you and you will quickly end up getting a ton of friends by just using this friend method.

bin weevils friends tips

Have a Party- In Bin Weevils one of the best ways to make friends is by simply throwing a party and inviting people from that area to come join you. If you are in a location where a lot of people are playing the game, simply ask “want to come to a party?.” Yyou will often times get a positive reply from the players in that area. Once you do then just click on that person and click on the house picture which invites them over to your place for the party. You can begin talking to the players that show up at your party and quickly you will find that there are quite a few people you want to be friends with, and it is likely they feel the same way.

Go to Parties– If you are not into hosting your own party in Bin Weevils, then you can make friends by asking to go to parties too. If you are in an area and someone asks about a party, reply showing interest and they will likely invite you to their party. If you feel like it you can even ask them if you can come to their party as well to get the ball rolling. Once you are at the party, talk to people that you do not know and begin going around getting to know the other players. While it isn’t likely you will become friends with all of the people at the party, you will probably gel with quite a few players. You will then be able to add these players to your friends list and begin talking to them all of the time and hanging with them.

Simply Ask- If you see someone in the area where you are at or in a game you are playing, just ask the player if they want to be your friend. Sometimes the players want to get to know you more before they befriend you, while other players become friends with anyone who asks. If the person says they want to get to know you better, that is a good thing and do not take this to mean they do not like you. Simply begin having regular conversations with them and you will be friends in no time at all. If someone says no though do not bug them, simply say thank you and move on to someone else to try to be friends with.

Invite Your Friends- When you play Bin Weevils, you will have an option to invite your own personal friends to join in on the game. You can just type in their email and they will get an invite from you to play the game, and once they join you will get an Aquarium completely for free. Your friend will also get 1,000 mulch if they sign up for Bin Weevils through your link. The best part is that if you have a ton of real-life friends, you can invite them all which earns you more animals for your Aquarium.

For this all to happen the friend has to click the link you sent them in their email and then they will need to login to Bin Weevils. After that, your friend needs to go to Dosh’s Palace and begin the activation, along with clicking the link in their email to complete the activation of their Bin Weevils account. After all of that is completed, your friend gets their 1,000 mulch and you get your Aquarium. Keep inviting friends to earn more pets, and then your friends can invite their friends so that everyone gets a free Aquarium and can hang out together. This is one of the best ways to make friends in Bin Weevils, especially if you have a ton of real-life friends to ask.



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