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Clash of Clans Upgrades List

There are a ton of items that you want to upgrade in Clash of Clans if you are into the game. If you have not heard about Clash of Clans it is a freemium MMO mobile video game that was developed by Supercell. If you are playing the game right now you might be curious as to what items you need to be upgrading first in order to get the most out of the game and be the most successful. Well we are here to tell you all of these upgrades and which upgrades are the highest priority for you. By using our guide on the Clash of Clans upgrades you will definitely be able to earn more in the game and have more fun.

Clash of Clans Upgrade Guide

Laboratory- No matter if you are just starting out in Clash of Clans or you are at Town Hall level 10, you need to upgrade the Laboratory first. You want to first upgrade the Research units in the Laboratory and this will help increase your capabilities in war and in farming. Research also is very time consuming in all of the Town Hall levels. This means you want to make sure you give the Research enough time to complete to move up in Town Hall levels.

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Barracks & Army Camps- The next thing you want to focus on with your Clash of Clans upgrades is the Barracks and Army Camps. If you are in the beginning of the Town Hall levels then you will not have too many Army Camps and Barracks, but still upgrade your Barracks and new Army Camps. You want to upgrade your new Barracks and Army Camps and add more new ones because it increases production and capacity. The new Barracks and Army Camps also will be improving your farming capabilities as well so it is important to get these upgraded as soon as you can.

Spell Factory and Old Army Camps- Once you get those things done in Clash of Clans, you need to upgrade your old Army Camps and also your Spell Factory. You want to upgrade all of the Army Camps that are not already maxed out and you really need to do this if you are Town Hall level 9 or above. The upgrades to the Spell Factory and old Army Camos will help increase your farming and war capabilities. It will also increase your capabilities when it comes to offense as well.

New Towers & Other Defensive Structures- You want to also upgrade your new Towers and other defensive structures as well. This means upgrading new walls, storage structures and also the Dark Elixir Drills. You want to add the new walls but do not max them yet and then build more storage structures. You also want to add on new towers and then upgrade some of them such as the Archer Tower and Cannon. Gold and Elixir Storage is very helpful because it can help keep your resources safe and keep the enemy from stealing your resources. Dark Elixir is such a limited resource that you want to make sure that you have enough storage and also because the drills end up making a lot of this resource.

Older Towers- You also need to upgrade your older Towers to the next level. Make sure that you are not upgrading more than one of your Air Defense Towers at a time though. If you do upgrade them all at the same time then you become a target for enemy air attacks.

All Other Upgrades- Lastly, you should focus on all of your other structures to upgrade. This could be maxing out the Dark barracks or leveling up your Barracks. You also can upgrade your resource collectors and your walls. These are all lower priority on the Clash of Clans upgrade menu so always do this last as it is not really that important.

These are just some of the best upgrades that you can do in Clash of Clans. It is important that you do follow the priority list here because the top upgrades need to be done right away to ensure both offensive and defensive success in the game. If you end up doing the low-priority upgrades first you will find yourself in a bad situation in the game and will not have as many resources to show for it all either. While you can play around with a couple of the upgrades in terms of priority, remember that you need to do a lot of these upgrades no matter what your Town Hall level is.

The low-priority upgrades can be done once you reach Town Hall level 9 or later however, as they do not really give you much of an advantage in the game. If you follow our guide you will be more successful in the game and will definitely have more resources and facilities to store your resources.



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