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Club Cooee Achievements and Badges Guide

Club Cooee is a free online game and virtual world for teenagers where you can create your own avatar, home, and music. In Club Cooee, you can head on over to different chatrooms and talk to people from all over the world using your avatar. Whether you want to talk to people about music, movies, television or just about anything else, there is a chatroom for you to speak your mind and socialize with others that have the same interest. In this game you can dress up your avatar to fit your own personal style and you also can create and furnish a home for your avatar as well. There is also a shop where you can buy new items for your avatar and home, which uses the in-game currency known as Cooee Points.

club cooee achievements

While there are many aspects to Club Cooee, including chatrooms, there are also other parts to this virtual world including badges and achievements. If you are new to Club Cooee and do not know what badges and achievements are or how to get them, don’t worry we are here to help explain it all in detail to you. The badges are awarded to you for solving tasks, whereas the achievements are related to the level of the tasks you have completed. Getting to know what the achievements and badges are and how it helps you level up in XP will enable you to have more fun with this virtual world and end up getting more rewards and Cooee Points.

Guide on Achievements and Badges in Club Cooee

Tasks Often Have Requirements- When you look at the tasks that are found in Club Cooee, sometimes you have to do certain tasks one right after the other. There are various tasks in this game and some of them require different levels to be completed, which is where the one after the other comes into play. This also means that for some types of tasks, you cannot skip around and do one from the top of the list and one from the bottom, so you will have to make sure you read the requirements of that task before continuing on.

Stars Represent Levels– You might see that there are stars which can be found on your badges. These stars represent the level of the task that you have successfully achieved in the game. Obviously the higher the star count the higher the level that you have completed, and the more rewards you will earn.

Grid View and List View- If you want to see where the badges and achievements are located, you just need to go to your profile and it will be right in the navigation section. There is a grid view and a list view that you can choose from when it comes to looking at the achievements and badges. The grid view basically just shows you an overview of the achievements you have earned, and you will notice the colors represent your badges. If you see grey on the screen then these are the tasks that you have not completed as of yet and they are unsolved. The list view is just like the grid view but it also shows you the tasks that you need to complete in order to get the next badge.

XP- In Club Cooee, you also have XP, which are experience points. You get experience points for every badge that you earn and also for leveling up on your badges. If you have a higher achieved badge level then you will get more experience points for this. One example of this would be like 6,000 XP for a level four badge and 500 XP for a first level badge. There are no experience points given out for achievements though, but other activities besides the badge can earn you even more points.

XP Levels- When you earn a lot of experience points then you can go up in XP Level. If you are new to Club Cooee it is important to know that some functions and features of the game are only available once you get to a certain XP Level. This means you are locked out until your XP Level is above the requirements for that specific function. You can see your XP Level by going to the profile page nad looking right next to your picture if you are not sure where you are at. In order to gain more functionality and features in Club Cooee you need to earn a lot of badges and level them up and also do activities, which all will increase your XP Level in the game.

These are just some of the most important aspects of the achievements and badges, and you will quickly learn how it all goes once you play the game a few times. If you want to level up quickly the best thing to do is be active, participate, and go through the activities to earn yourself some experience points. The tasks also need to be completed rather quickly after you sign up for Club Cooee because solving these tasks is what really earns you the most badges. Remember to pay attention to the tasks and do them in the order they need to be done, because some tasks also do not let you go back if you mess them up and you will not get credit for completing that task if it is done wrong.



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