Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Dying Light: The Following Spotlight Edition Comes With a $10 Million Price Tag

Games today are usually released with a $59.99 price tag, which many see as a lot for a title. But Dying Light: The Following Spotlight Edition comes with a price that only millionaires would consider.

The game costs a whopping $10 million. The studio behind the popular title, Techland, has partnered with UK retailer GAME for the expensive and limited edition of the game.

What do you get with the $10 million edition of Dying Light? Well, you get four copies of the enhanced edition of the game that are signed by members of the studio and a role in the movie for the game. A movie for the horror game has not been announced by the studio and no rumors have surfaced about it. Gamespot recently asked for details on the movie but a representative for the company did not give any information.


$10 million for a game is a lot of money but whoever buys it, will be a big part of a movie that has not been announced. Here are the other things the $10 million game will get you:

  • A supporting role in the movie. The buyer will be involved in the action scenes and have lines, so you won’t be just some random character that appears for five seconds.
  • Professional acting lessons from Roger Craig Smith, voice behind Chris Redfield in the Resident Evil series. He is also the voice behind Kyle Crane in Dying Light and Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins/Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate.
  • Your personal trailer on-set while you’re working on the film.
  • A stunt double.
  • An original copy of the movie’s script signed by those who worked on the film.
  • Ten VIP tickets for the opening night of the Dying Light movie.
  • The role of the voice of Kyle Crane in a special edition of Dying Light.

Limited Edition

Dying Light MenuThe Spotlight Edition is not the first time the studio and company have partnered to release a limited edition of the game. The game, released last year, had a $380,000 version. This one offered parkour lessons and a zombie-proof shelter.

Dying Light: The Following, the game’s first expansion, was released a few days ago for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There is just one copy of the Dying Light: The Following Spotlight Edition, so if you have millions to spend and want to be in a movie, here’s your chance.

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