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Fantage Premium Membership Benefits

An exciting game that children and teenagers like to play is Fantage. Fantage is a virtual world that contains many activities and various online games. This is an MMORPG where you can customize your own avatar and then go out and explore the town or chill out and chat with your friends. There are a ton of things in Fantage you can customize on your avatar, such as clothing, shoes, hair color and much more!

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Fantage itself is a free-to-play game which means you do not need to buy a membership to get started. There is a premium VIP membership you can buy though which does give you some added benefits compared to the free membership in the game. If you are thinking about purchasing one of the Premium Membership options then you might want to read about all of the cool things you will get if you sign up.

Fantage Premium Membership Benefits

Registration Bonus- If you get the Premium Membership you willl automatically get 1,000 stars for just signing up. Stars are not always the easiest to come by so it is nice that you will get 1,000 just for becoming a paid member.

Priority Access on Servers- As a paid member on Fantage you will get the preferred access on the servers and this means you will be priority. When you look at the servers the 0-70% open group is available for everyone. The 70% to 99% server capacity is just for Premium Members, which means that only Premium Members can join these servers. If you look at the 100% server then that means it is full and no one can login to the servers.

Weekly Allowances- In Fantage, you get 400 stars every week as a weekly allowance, and this is cool. If you think about it then you will be getting 400 stars every week for not having to do anything, and you can think of it as just a thank you for being around. You can use your stars to purchase items in the store and make your avatars even better or decorate your room.

Deluxe Rooms– Having a Premium Membership on Fantage allows you to have access to the Deluxe Rooms. Of course, you will only have access to these rooms as they are available but it is really cool because these are for members-only. These Deluxe Rooms are awesome because they are really big rooms and it gives you more space to put furniture items and other accessories for your room. It allows you too to show off your personality and unique style in a new way.

All Rare Items– You will have complete access to all of the rare items if you are a Premium Member. This is very awesome because there are a ton of neat and unique items that are available only for those who pay the membership fee. Rare items are also great because it gives you a chance to show off your personality more since these are items not everyone will be able to access or use.

Premium Member Only Items- As a Premium Member you also will have access to creatures and furniture items that are for Premium Members Only. This is a special section of the shop that gives you even more ways to enjoy Fantage because you will be able to purchase pets that not everyone else can buy. If you see these items or pets with other players then you know they are also a Premium Member and that means you should hang out with them and play with them since they also have access to the same items as you do.

More Sticker Options- You also have more sticker options as a Premium Member and these are stickers that only members who pay will be able to use. You will love all of the various stickers that are availabel in the game for you and you can collect and use any that you want at anytime you want.

Show off your Medals- You will now be able to show off all of your medals that you get in the game as a paying member. This is a huge benefit because a lot of people feel proud of their awards and this is going to be a way that you can show other players just how special and skilled you are in Fantage.



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