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Fantage Tips For Leveling Up

Fantage is a very interesting MMORPG game that was designed for children ages 6 to 16. In Fantage, you can play activities and games and can chat or hang out with friends. You have a cartoon-avatar in which you can dress in a variety of outfits and can change other features such as hair color as well. The ability to customize your cartoon-avatar is endless and it is a fun way to show off your personality.

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There are a ton of cool things you can do in Fantage, regardless of whether you have a paid membership or a free membership. One thing that you need to do though is level up, which can be a hard process to do if you are not sure where to begin. We are going to be telling you about some of the best tips you can use in order to help you level up in Fantage. If you follow our tips you will be leveling up quickly in Fantage, which allows you to get involved in more aspects of the game and earn better rewards.

Tips for Leveling Up in Fantage:

Give Away Stickers- In Fantage, you can level up quickly by both giving away stickers and getting stickers from your friends. If you would like to give away stickers all you need to do is go over to the Secret Adventure game and then you will find yourself getting a whole bunch of free stickers. You can then take all of these free stickers and give them away to your friends and other players. You can only give away 80 stickers and get 80 stickers, which means you can only get to 160 levels combined.

Buy Pets Constantly- One of the quickest ways to level up in Fantage is to purchase pets, You want to buy the pets and then walk them, and also you want to play games with all of your pets. Keep buying more pets and paying attention to them by playing games, and you will find yourself leveling up in the game in no time at all.

Play the Games- As we talked about with the pets, playing games is a great way to level up and do it quickly. If you score within the top three in the game then you will move up 2 levels. If you are in the Top 10 List, then you get to level up by 1. If you continue to play these games you can move up over 100 levels in a matter of just a few days or a week.

Participate in the Fashion Shows- You can level up quick in Fantage by judging the fashion shows even though it is a little slow and takes some work. Leveling up the fashion show medal does take a while but you can move up 150 levels or more by judging about 150 competitions.

Continue Missions- You can level up by 10 levels for each mission that you complete, and this works great if you want to level up quick. You can even move up 60 or 80 levels in one day, which is amazing and it is really quick to do most of the missions too. You also have the chance to redo some missions and then special agent points. The agent points all go to another badge for the agent medal and you can only max this one out to 50.

Do Not Miss Events- You will get a medal for just logging in to Fantage the days that events are going on, and this helps you complete the stamp book. Fantage is always holding various events and so there are many ways to level up quickly with all of the events going on. Events are often times fun and entertaining so it is not like it is boring or anything, and you might learn more stuff.

Go Premium- You can go up 15 levels just by becoming a Premium Member in Fantage. For every month that you have an account, you can earn 1 level just for being a Premium Member as well. You will continue getting the 1 level a month upgrade as long as you are a Premium Member on Fantage.

Always Invite Friends- It is a good idea to invite your friends into Fantage because you will be able to level up by doing this.If you keep inviting your friends you can manage to level up over 300 levels. If you want the levels then it requires you to email your friends so it does take a little work but it is not a big deal over.

Throw Parties– You can earn up to 20 levels by throwing a party and having guests over, so make sure you throw parties often. It is also a good idea to invite as many people as you can at your parties because not everyone that gets invited will show up, and you get rewarded in the game for the people who attend and play games.

These are just some of the best tips that we can give you to help you level up in Fantage. These tips will help you not only level up but they will help you become more successful and famous within the game. You will likely have more friends and be a more contributing member to the community in Fantage by leveling up and becoming a huge star. If you want to do even more things to level up then socialize in the game and make friends, and then ask them too if they want to help you level up by coming to your events and parties.



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